Craig Phadrig Hill fort

Well, you’ve guessed it: Surgery was cancelled again. Due back in on Tuesday now. The cancellation couldn’t be helped but I can’t help but be pretty frustrated. So much planning has gone into all this twice now. Third time lucky as they say though. The silver lining is, I made it home last night and have four days (granted two of them unpaid now!) to relax a bit, get some uni work done…maybe take a nap! As soon as I got in the door, it was jammies on, wine poured and cuddles with the dogs:


We have managed to get the dogs to settle out of cages at night again. For the last few weeks, they’ve been in cages again over night just to help them settle down in the night. Thankfully they’ve settled down just nicely, so hopefully that’s us back to them having a bit more freedom.

We are still walking the boys separately, Zeph has once again gone backwards, but more on that in another post. Feeling a bit fed up of going round in circles.

Anyway, Echo and I went for a another little explore today to Craig Phadrig Hill fort ( A short walk but one with lots of views and a gorgeous forest.

B bought me a new camera to try out, an Akaso action camera. It was a present for our honeymoon so when we go scuba diving I can get some footage but wanted to try it out today. I thought I could film our walk for you but the footage is so hard to follow as I’m walking, I will need to find a way to fit it to me that gives stable footage.

A stay with Auntie Lola

So I am still staying away from home *pause for awwwww* , for the last week and a half I’ve been at B’s rents house, with my shifts I’ve not been able to get home over the weekend (I am spoiled though so can’t complain). Last night, post nightshift, I was hoping to get back to Inverness but because of the snow it was a no go seeing as I had to get back to Kinross tonight. So, not seen B since last Monday, my surgery is due tomorrow and missing all three of my boys.

BUT trying to make the best of what isn’t really a bad situation, I’m still sulking. Lola and I have been having some good walks in the morning, lots of snow and sunrises:

Since I’ve been sulking a bit about the snow, B’s mum made me build a snowman. When life gives you lemons after all:

As I’m sure I’ve said before, B sends me some pics of the boys while I’m away. It both upsets me and makes me happy. It makes me miss them but it’s also nice to see how they are getting on.


Apparently Zephyr looks so sad because B told him off for sucking on my jumper. I think the big baby misses his mum! (I feel loved).


I took Lola for a walk and she was unusually wild so I messaged B to ask if Echo had a glassy look, maybe he was channelling himself through Lola! The response I got was this picture above with the caption of “Not glassy, but crazy. Does that count?”.

Missing them so much! I could honestly cry. As soon as I feel good enough to go home after surgery I’ll be back with the boys!! Will keep you all up dated.

Carn na h-Easgainn

Today we went up Carn na h-Easgainn which is a ‘Gordon’ hill of about 2020 feet. It’s quite easy walking as you can follow a Land Rover track up the hill to the summit. Saying that, it still took us 2 hours to get to the top and back. There was a good covering of snow and it was so peaceful, just what I was needing after spending the last few weeks (and I’ve got two weeks to go staying at people’s houses) in the parent’s houses. That is in no way a complaint at the wonderful hospitality I have been receiving (been spoilt really), but sometimes you just need your own space and that was what I managed to get today. It was so nice to have my boys to myself. We met no other people on the walk. The joy of being in the Highlands!


Echo has found the joy of ‘sledging’ on his stomach:

Proof that my dogs don’t pose all the time for their pictures! (A lot of coaxing goes into these pictures at the best of times!)

And I have made my Christmas cards for this year too:




HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday. I have a quite a number of pics and wee stories to share.

I’ll start from just before Christmas. As I’ve said a few times now, we are currently living at the foot of Culloden Woods. We’ve had lots of snow up here and it’s been great fun! Echo and I went for a little play in the woods. We tried a different walk (following the yellow route round the woods if you’re ever here) so I thought I’d take some pictures of the walk to show you how nice it was:

The trees are huge and it’s nice to see them so mature. With all the snow around I couldn’t help but smile the whole way around. We are lucky enough to be near the Culloden Battlefield walk, so we stopped at the Prisoners stone (where Jacobite prisoners were executed in the wake of the Battle of Culloden). It is an eerily quiet little spot:

The Culloden Woods are definitely a spot worth visiting.

So much Snow:


Since I haven’t changed jobs yet (that’s on the 22nd of January), I am travelling up and down to Fife, and therefore staying with either my parents or B’s. The first week I spent at B’s parents I had Echo with me while Zeph stayed to keep his ‘Dad’ company. Echo had a great time with his Auntie Lola:

As you can see he’s being allowed to break the ‘no dogs on sofa’ rule  here as well. I think I’ve given up to be honest. The two dogs had a fab time of fetch and Echo has made himself right at home.

The following week, I stayed at my parents (neither of my dogs), and managed to get some cuddles from my wee Mo. He’s getting so old now, and I’m pretty sure he has no idea who I am these days.

He’s getting on a bit now and spends most of his time sleeping but he does still love a wee play with his toys. He’s really funny, if anyone comes into my parent’s house he checks all his cuddly toys to make sure that no one has taken any. He’s  a suspicious little man.

While I’m away B send me little pics of the boys to cheer me up. Echo has never grown out of his thievery:


The next picture isn’t from any dog walks but I really liked it. The drive into work from my parent’s is quite long but a great view. You usually get a view across Loch Leven from the road but the cloud cover was so low I had this:


One of my favourites, I may even add it to the pictures for next years calendar.

I had some company while I did my usual Christmas baking. The boys were hoping that there would be something for them:

No luck for them though, too much sugar!

All four of us spent the week of Christmas at Ben’s parents (we had Christmas dinner at my parents before staying with Ben’s, I was nightshift Christmas day), it was hectic but also really good fun.

We made a new friend on a walk with the spaniels. This is Jura the Golden Retriever. She was very feisty and desperate to play fetch, all three ended up in the water!

All three dogs lived together quite nicely and we are really driving home some manners in the boys. They now sit and wait at the back door to be let out and aren’t allowed to barge their way through. We are making them sit and wait for more things, like jumping out of the car. I got fed up with them pushing me around and I wasn’t being strict enough but we have a much nicer home now and the dogs seem happier knowing the boundaries (which I knew already I was just being a bad leader). Anyway, all the running about and being fussed, being away from home finally caught up with the pups when we got home:


My birthday is on the first of January, we usually spend it having a pretty chilled out day. Ben had the boys out for their walks before I was out of bed and then we had a relaxed morning. I had prosecco with orange with my breakfast of poached duck eggs and smoked cheese on bagels and the dogs were allowed to destroy a crocodile…

So all in all, it has been a fun filled few weeks despite all the travelling I’ve done. It has been nice to spend more time with my family and all the dogs. Only two weeks left before I start the new job so trying to make the most of any time I have.

Merry Christmas!

I have had a hectic few weeks with a few updates for you but for now I am making our Christmas Eve feast (B and I have the night for ourselves) and I will soon be opening a bottle of Champagne. We have our own wee tradition. We eat, drink and open some pressies from our friends (not family ones, or from each other) and we relax with the dogs and watch a Christmas movie. We do this because come Christmas day, we do a lot of driving and spend the day between both parents houses so no chance to just sit.

So, no more left to say except: Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a good one filled with friends, family, and laughter xx


Take a minute

I would like to ask that you all take a minute. A moment to remember you’re pets, all of them. All of the animals that have made a difference in your life. I follow a few blogs, and one in particular was about a handsome Rotti. Unfortunately, he has passed away very suddenly at a young age from a stroke. His mum always wrote his blog posts for him and he was very much a loved part of their family. It upset me this morning to read of his passing and it has made me very thankful for my dogs, both past and present. They really do fill your life with joy and when they leave they take a part of you with them. All we can really do is make the most of our days with them. So if you can all just take a minute, it’s the least our pets deserve.


Technology, it is wonderful!

In follow up to switching phones, I’ve gone for the Google Pixel2 XL,which basically means it’s an android phone with a good camera! I have also worked out how to sync my google account with my phone and pictures etc. So now they are automatically backed up on the google account. In other words, I can’t lose my pictures! I’ve had a wee play about with the camera today.

Zephy came to beg for food at lunch time despite just wolfing down a chew stick:


And Echo went in a huff because I was working in kitchen (B took the office) and not paying him attention constantly:


You’d think he was abused looking at his face like that! Heartbreaking!

So, I’ve been working from home, frantically trying to get an essay done for midday Friday, it’s actually what B thinks I am doing right now. Just don’t tell him, luckily I don’t think he follows this blog, I’ll find out soon enough.

I started to get a bit stressed out with uni work about lunchtime so I swapped this:


For this:


I can get to this from my house. It is just amazing! The walk has done me good. I just took Echo with me as I went on my own and thought we could explore a bit. We met a lovely woman with two black labs, one very young (7 months) and despite the fact she is neutered as is Echo, and much to my embarrassment, Echo mounted her numerous times! So we’ve made new friends, at least Echo has anyway! Anyway, here’s a few more pics from the walk we did tonight. The forest is full of different walks so will try a different one soon.

We are HERE!

We have made it. We have moved to Culloden. It has been a tough few weeks but we are here. I am still unfortunately working in Fife, so having to stay with parents and in-laws depending on whether I have dogs with me. I did have lots of pics to show you but my phone has just stopped working. It won’t hold charge so won’t even switch on. Therefore I have had to get a new phone.

I am learning how to use this ‘cloud’ storage thing so I don’t lose pictures again! I may only be 27 and there is an assumption that people my age and younger use technology all the time and we need to put our phones away but I actually don’t like technology. I suppose it has it’s uses but I am always very suspicious of it. Anyway, I am learning so that I can continue to share photos.

Anyway, so our house is at the foot of Culloden woods. As you can imagine it is amazing to have this on doorstep. I am feeling pretty proud of myself, there are loads of dogs around here and why not, it’s perfect for dog owners; but it means that Zeph and I have had to get pretty close to other dogs. I have thrown myself into it and we’ve been doing great! My confidence is still on a shaky thin line, it could go either way but I’m really trying to just go for it.

The boys have been a little stressed out with the move which is understandable since, as I’ve said, we are sometimes having to stay at B’s rents. Which is great and they love the dogs but it is obviously stressful for them. Currently, Zephyr is curled up in his bed which he has been using as a sooky blanket, and Echo has taken himself to the bed in front of the radiator. We have wine and are watching a good film. I will try to capture some good pics for you in the next few days. I am off work for the rest of the week but I still have uni work to crack on with but I am loving our dog walks. Happy days for all of us!

Fireworks, how they annoy me.

I found this on facebook last night; Thanks B:


The three of us fast asleep and snoring apparently. I’d like to point out that this is a preferred response to the continuous fireworks in our area. They’ve been going off for a few weeks but obviously it’s a big thing this week. I have no problem with organised displays but unfortunately we live in an area where everyone is a pyrotechnics expert. Echo isn’t bothered by fireworks outside but once he’s indoors he gets quite upset. Zeph is pretty jumpy with them and since I forgot about all the fireworks I didn’t get him out for a walk in time last night. Lesson learned. Both will be out before it’s dark.

Anyway, luckily for me, although the boys start off pacing and whimpering a little, they quickly settled down for cuddles last night. We sat like that for about 2 hours, hence I fell asleep all cuddled in! I think B was a little jealous! I don’t make a fuss over the fireworks but I think I’m just lucky that boys want cuddles rather than making a fuss themselves. A friend of mine has to give her dog valium for a few weeks to help him deal with the stress!

Stress is getting the better of me

I am sitting at my desk at the moment (I’m on annual leave!) and trying desperately to make a good dent in my uni coursework. I have gotten myself really stressed out over an essay which I’m having real difficulty in getting into. I’ve emailed my lecturer to see if I’m at least on the right lines. I wonder if I’m trying to make it more complicated than it really is! Now that would be a surprise, me making things hard for myself.

At first the dogs were trying to be supportive and kept coming to see I was ok:


His wee smiley face was nice, and occasionally I got a wee paw as well. But now that I’ve gotten into full Jenni stress mode about life the boys have abandoned me. They’ve seen it all before:


“If we lie still she won’t even know we’re here.”

I think they’re fed up with me getting upset over nothing. I like their approach of, “let’s just sleep and she’ll get over it!”. I need to just get my head down, write this essay and if it’s not good enough then I’ll need to resubmit another piece of work next year. No big deal.