Take a minute

I would like to ask that you all take a minute. A moment to remember you’re pets, all of them. All of the animals that have made a difference in your life. I follow a few blogs, and one in particular was about a handsome Rotti. Unfortunately, he has passed away very suddenly at a young age from a stroke. His mum always wrote his blog posts for him and he was very much a loved part of their family. It upset me this morning to read of his passing and it has made me very thankful for my dogs, both past and present. They really do fill your life with joy and when they leave they take a part of you with them. All we can really do is make the most of our days with them. So if you can all just take a minute, it’s the least our pets deserve.


Technology, it is wonderful!

In follow up to switching phones, I’ve gone for the Google Pixel2 XL,which basically means it’s an android phone with a good camera! I have also worked out how to sync my google account with my phone and pictures etc. So now they are automatically backed up on the google account. In other words, I can’t lose my pictures! I’ve had a wee play about with the camera today.

Zephy came to beg for food at lunch time despite just wolfing down a chew stick:


And Echo went in a huff because I was working in kitchen (B took the office) and not paying him attention constantly:


You’d think he was abused looking at his face like that! Heartbreaking!

So, I’ve been working from home, frantically trying to get an essay done for midday Friday, it’s actually what B thinks I am doing right now. Just don’t tell him, luckily I don’t think he follows this blog, I’ll find out soon enough.

I started to get a bit stressed out with uni work about lunchtime so I swapped this:


For this:


I can get to this from my house. It is just amazing! The walk has done me good. I just took Echo with me as I went on my own and thought we could explore a bit. We met a lovely woman with two black labs, one very young (7 months) and despite the fact she is neutered as is Echo, and much to my embarrassment, Echo mounted her numerous times! So we’ve made new friends, at least Echo has anyway! Anyway, here’s a few more pics from the walk we did tonight. The forest is full of different walks so will try a different one soon.

We are HERE!

We have made it. We have moved to Culloden. It has been a tough few weeks but we are here. I am still unfortunately working in Fife, so having to stay with parents and in-laws depending on whether I have dogs with me. I did have lots of pics to show you but my phone has just stopped working. It won’t hold charge so won’t even switch on. Therefore I have had to get a new phone.

I am learning how to use this ‘cloud’ storage thing so I don’t lose pictures again! I may only be 27 and there is an assumption that people my age and younger use technology all the time and we need to put our phones away but I actually don’t like technology. I suppose it has it’s uses but I am always very suspicious of it. Anyway, I am learning so that I can continue to share photos.

Anyway, so our house is at the foot of Culloden woods. As you can imagine it is amazing to have this on doorstep. I am feeling pretty proud of myself, there are loads of dogs around here and why not, it’s perfect for dog owners; but it means that Zeph and I have had to get pretty close to other dogs. I have thrown myself into it and we’ve been doing great! My confidence is still on a shaky thin line, it could go either way but I’m really trying to just go for it.

The boys have been a little stressed out with the move which is understandable since, as I’ve said, we are sometimes having to stay at B’s rents. Which is great and they love the dogs but it is obviously stressful for them. Currently, Zephyr is curled up in his bed which he has been using as a sooky blanket, and Echo has taken himself to the bed in front of the radiator. We have wine and are watching a good film. I will try to capture some good pics for you in the next few days. I am off work for the rest of the week but I still have uni work to crack on with but I am loving our dog walks. Happy days for all of us!

Fireworks, how they annoy me.

I found this on facebook last night; Thanks B:


The three of us fast asleep and snoring apparently. I’d like to point out that this is a preferred response to the continuous fireworks in our area. They’ve been going off for a few weeks but obviously it’s a big thing this week. I have no problem with organised displays but unfortunately we live in an area where everyone is a pyrotechnics expert. Echo isn’t bothered by fireworks outside but once he’s indoors he gets quite upset. Zeph is pretty jumpy with them and since I forgot about all the fireworks I didn’t get him out for a walk in time last night. Lesson learned. Both will be out before it’s dark.

Anyway, luckily for me, although the boys start off pacing and whimpering a little, they quickly settled down for cuddles last night. We sat like that for about 2 hours, hence I fell asleep all cuddled in! I think B was a little jealous! I don’t make a fuss over the fireworks but I think I’m just lucky that boys want cuddles rather than making a fuss themselves. A friend of mine has to give her dog valium for a few weeks to help him deal with the stress!

Stress is getting the better of me

I am sitting at my desk at the moment (I’m on annual leave!) and trying desperately to make a good dent in my uni coursework. I have gotten myself really stressed out over an essay which I’m having real difficulty in getting into. I’ve emailed my lecturer to see if I’m at least on the right lines. I wonder if I’m trying to make it more complicated than it really is! Now that would be a surprise, me making things hard for myself.

At first the dogs were trying to be supportive and kept coming to see I was ok:


His wee smiley face was nice, and occasionally I got a wee paw as well. But now that I’ve gotten into full Jenni stress mode about life the boys have abandoned me. They’ve seen it all before:


“If we lie still she won’t even know we’re here.”

I think they’re fed up with me getting upset over nothing. I like their approach of, “let’s just sleep and she’ll get over it!”. I need to just get my head down, write this essay and if it’s not good enough then I’ll need to resubmit another piece of work next year. No big deal.

The beginning of another adventure

Don’t panic, we aren’t adding any new puppies or babies to the family before anyone thinks that. We are however, going to be moving house and much further North. B was head hunted and I’ve secured myself a senior role in a new lab, so we are heading off to Inverness! I am currently juggling all that a move implies as well as keeping the dogs happy and still studying for this bloody MSc so I apologise if once again there is a bit of time between posts. But I will let you know how we get on. The boys are good at living anywhere, although this will be Zephyrs first proper house move. Echo has already moved house before and wasn’t fussed by the drama so hopefully this goes smoothly. Zephyr has stayed in numerous hotels and kennels etc in his life already so I can’t see him being too upset as long as we are with him.

So, a move to the Highlands. We can’t wait! I think it will give us more of this elusive work life balance people keep telling me about, which means more dog time. More adventures up hills and glens and all the pictures that brings with it. I think you are all going to like the pics I should get from up the hills. The move should give the boys a bit more freedom and fun. It’s going to be ace!


I tried to tell them we’d be moving and going on an adventure…you can just see the excitement in their faces here. They’ve really gotten on board with the move.

The bake off and the end of the sofa stand off.

I have a few friends, one in particular that has moved away to Kent that likes to watch the Great British Bake Off. In a bid to stay in touch with each other we try to tune in at the same time and we chat over whats app as the drama unfolds. It’s a nice way to keep in touch and watching something together over the distance makes it feel like she’s a little closer. Part of my Bake off routine is obviously to have a cup of tea, put my jammies on and snuggle up on the sofa for the hour and a bit it’s on. The dogs love this. There is usually a bit of sillyness as we try to get comfy:

But every week we settle down together (B is usually away at this point), and the three of us cuddle up to watch it:

Zephyr in particular likes to watch TV:


He always makes sure he has the prime spot in the living room for his viewing pleasure. It’s a shame the GBBO is finished with for this year. We’ll need to find something else to watch.

p.s I think I’ve stopped caring about the sofa…

The storm…it’s coming

…and I don’t just mean this Storm Ophelia, although my goodness it’s a bit scary! Luckily for us we are on he East Coast, however, B is on storm call and is in Oban (on the West) to deal with any downed trees etc. I always worry when he is on call for these things. Too many what ifs!

Well, in preparation for the storm and winter in general, we have purchased some lights. I say ‘we’, I mean B found some lights in Lidl for the dogs to help light them up in the dark. The trouble we have every winter is that with the boys being dark, they vanish in the darkness:

The white light is actually blinding, but Echo still needs off lead in the semi-darkness and therefore we need a beacon:

The problem with the lights are that they are blinding! If you want any kind of night vision, don’t get one. I am pretty sure the flashing white light may be causing some kind of brain damage. I am going to have to find a way to direct the light away from eyes. Worried I might cause an accident as the little UFO runs all over the place!


Zephy loves his red light and harness back on. He trots so happily wearing it all.

In other news, Echo has been on the spider hunt again, I couldn’t rescue it in time and it was giant!


You can clearly see it’s large and threatening size in the picture….Zeph the coward stayed at my feet where it was safer.


Making the bed

You will have guessed by now that the boys are spoiled. They have their own duvet and obviously that gets a bit mucky and stinky after they’ve been walked and basically be boys…let’s leave it at that! While one duvet cover is being washed I have another to use and of course, the boys had to help me make the bed:


I am, in this picture, holding the end of the duvet trying to button it altogether. Very helpful as always. It’s worth it thought when you see how much they love it for a cuddle:


This is why I struggle to get work done, or so I tell myself, I have to study and they have a duvet day.