A stormy day spent cuddled up

I decided that third time would be lucky for surgery, so I thought I’d be prepared. I decided I’d pre cook a few meals (ended up with 17 individual portions!) and freeze it all. Simple, healthy, full of veg meals that I can literally zap in the microwave and enjoy (Lasagne, Mediterranean chicken, Chilli and paprika smoked chicken) with some rice or potatoes. Easy. I did get a hand doing the cooking, head chefs kept me right and offered to do any tasting:


Excuse me being in jammies in the pic. The boys were very helpful. With me being so clumsy I do need close supervision!

Speaking of close supervision, the boys don’t miss anything in the house. Ben tried to sneak out of the house:


This is the stance I like to call “Where are you going? Why can’t we come?”. They don’t like to miss out on anything at all!

Well, the surgery has happened. The procedure itself (they only do this type of op once or twice a year!) has gone well. I feel pretty good considering, the anaesthetist has done a great job! After my last surgery I was really nervous about the general (I spent 14 hours throwing up the last time, couldn’t even have a sip of water without being sick), so having had a chat with the doc, he made a great concoction of drugs and I haven’t even felt queasy, I even made the 3 hour drive home without being ill (I am prone to travel sickness)! Felt so good after surgery I demanded we had curry for dinner of which I had two servings with naan bread and pakoras. Scoffed it down, I was starving. So the first bit has gone well, I have to keep the bandages on until next Friday:


I’m pretty sore but I’ve had a very handsome nurse that’s concerned for me:


The second I got in to B’s rents house (we stayed there the night before surgery, and had post surgery dinner with them) Zeph was straight over with a tennis ball to cheer me up. He’s looking after me well.

Today, B is off to work and the boys and I are having a forced lazy day. I can’t walk Zeph in this state and I can’t take Echo as it’s raining/gale force winds/stormy and I need to keep my bandages dry so they’ll have to wait to go out again with B. I don’t think they are complaining. Nurse Zephyr has decided that we should watch some TV:


Echo was keeping my feet cosy in this pic but both boys have now settled down for a morning of cuddles:


Next step, hopefully get out for a walk tomorrow, I get a bit of cabin fever. I don’t make a good patient at all. I made B’s lunch for him one handed and put out breakfast with coffee while he was in the shower. I just need to start wiggling my fingers gently to keep a bit of movement but nothing too vigorous. If nothing else at least my finger is now straight! I plan to spend the rest of my day on the sofa, hopefully get some uni work done as well…probably snooze!

4 thoughts on “A stormy day spent cuddled up

    • I hope so. Nurse Zeph has been particularly attentive. For all his “challenges”, he’s a very loving dog. Had a good sniff at my hand and has been telling off Echo for jumping up at me with a wee look and a growl. Had them both beside me for a snooze earlier, Echo has finally realised I’m sore and has calmed down now. Who knew little brother would be such a good influence!!xx

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      • K9 was exactly the same … a complete numb nut but very cuddly and constantly needed to be in my space, I’m telling you the big guy will turn the corner one day. I showed Beloved the video of your 2 playing with the rope toy & when zeph look at the camera Beloved yelled “that’s our K9 !!”
        Hope you get well soon xx

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