HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday. I have a quite a number of pics and wee stories to share.

I’ll start from just before Christmas. As I’ve said a few times now, we are currently living at the foot of Culloden Woods. We’ve had lots of snow up here and it’s been great fun! Echo and I went for a little play in the woods. We tried a different walk (following the yellow route round the woods if you’re ever here) so I thought I’d take some pictures of the walk to show you how nice it was:

The trees are huge and it’s nice to see them so mature. With all the snow around I couldn’t help but smile the whole way around. We are lucky enough to be near the Culloden Battlefield walk, so we stopped at the Prisoners stone (where Jacobite prisoners were executed in the wake of the Battle of Culloden). It is an eerily quiet little spot:

The Culloden Woods are definitely a spot worth visiting.

So much Snow:


Since I haven’t changed jobs yet (that’s on the 22nd of January), I am travelling up and down to Fife, and therefore staying with either my parents or B’s. The first week I spent at B’s parents I had Echo with me while Zeph stayed to keep his ‘Dad’ company. Echo had a great time with his Auntie Lola:

As you can see he’s being allowed to break the ‘no dogs on sofa’ rule  here as well. I think I’ve given up to be honest. The two dogs had a fab time of fetch and Echo has made himself right at home.

The following week, I stayed at my parents (neither of my dogs), and managed to get some cuddles from my wee Mo. He’s getting so old now, and I’m pretty sure he has no idea who I am these days.

He’s getting on a bit now and spends most of his time sleeping but he does still love a wee play with his toys. He’s really funny, if anyone comes into my parent’s house he checks all his cuddly toys to make sure that no one has taken any. He’s  a suspicious little man.

While I’m away B send me little pics of the boys to cheer me up. Echo has never grown out of his thievery:


The next picture isn’t from any dog walks but I really liked it. The drive into work from my parent’s is quite long but a great view. You usually get a view across Loch Leven from the road but the cloud cover was so low I had this:


One of my favourites, I may even add it to the pictures for next years calendar.

I had some company while I did my usual Christmas baking. The boys were hoping that there would be something for them:

No luck for them though, too much sugar!

All four of us spent the week of Christmas at Ben’s parents (we had Christmas dinner at my parents before staying with Ben’s, I was nightshift Christmas day), it was hectic but also really good fun.

We made a new friend on a walk with the spaniels. This is Jura the Golden Retriever. She was very feisty and desperate to play fetch, all three ended up in the water!

All three dogs lived together quite nicely and we are really driving home some manners in the boys. They now sit and wait at the back door to be let out and aren’t allowed to barge their way through. We are making them sit and wait for more things, like jumping out of the car. I got fed up with them pushing me around and I wasn’t being strict enough but we have a much nicer home now and the dogs seem happier knowing the boundaries (which I knew already I was just being a bad leader). Anyway, all the running about and being fussed, being away from home finally caught up with the pups when we got home:


My birthday is on the first of January, we usually spend it having a pretty chilled out day. Ben had the boys out for their walks before I was out of bed and then we had a relaxed morning. I had prosecco with orange with my breakfast of poached duck eggs and smoked cheese on bagels and the dogs were allowed to destroy a crocodile…

So all in all, it has been a fun filled few weeks despite all the travelling I’ve done. It has been nice to spend more time with my family and all the dogs. Only two weeks left before I start the new job so trying to make the most of any time I have.

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