Technology, it is wonderful!

In follow up to switching phones, I’ve gone for the Google Pixel2 XL,which basically means it’s an android phone with a good camera! I have also worked out how to sync my google account with my phone and pictures etc. So now they are automatically backed up on the google account. In other words, I can’t lose my pictures! I’ve had a wee play about with the camera today.

Zephy came to beg for food at lunch time despite just wolfing down a chew stick:


And Echo went in a huff because I was working in kitchen (B took the office) and not paying him attention constantly:


You’d think he was abused looking at his face like that! Heartbreaking!

So, I’ve been working from home, frantically trying to get an essay done for midday Friday, it’s actually what B thinks I am doing right now. Just don’t tell him, luckily I don’t think he follows this blog, I’ll find out soon enough.

I started to get a bit stressed out with uni work about lunchtime so I swapped this:


For this:


I can get to this from my house. It is just amazing! The walk has done me good. I just took Echo with me as I went on my own and thought we could explore a bit. We met a lovely woman with two black labs, one very young (7 months) and despite the fact she is neutered as is Echo, and much to my embarrassment, Echo mounted her numerous times! So we’ve made new friends, at least Echo has anyway! Anyway, here’s a few more pics from the walk we did tonight. The forest is full of different walks so will try a different one soon.

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