We are HERE!

We have made it. We have moved to Culloden. It has been a tough few weeks but we are here. I am still unfortunately working in Fife, so having to stay with parents and in-laws depending on whether I have dogs with me. I did have lots of pics to show you but my phone has just stopped working. It won’t hold charge so won’t even switch on. Therefore I have had to get a new phone.

I am learning how to use this ‘cloud’ storage thing so I don’t lose pictures again! I may only be 27 and there is an assumption that people my age and younger use technology all the time and we need to put our phones away but I actually don’t like technology. I suppose it has it’s uses but I am always very suspicious of it. Anyway, I am learning so that I can continue to share photos.

Anyway, so our house is at the foot of Culloden woods. As you can imagine it is amazing to have this on doorstep. I am feeling pretty proud of myself, there are loads of dogs around here and why not, it’s perfect for dog owners; but it means that Zeph and I have had to get pretty close to other dogs. I have thrown myself into it and we’ve been doing great! My confidence is still on a shaky thin line, it could go either way but I’m really trying to just go for it.

The boys have been a little stressed out with the move which is understandable since, as I’ve said, we are sometimes having to stay at B’s rents. Which is great and they love the dogs but it is obviously stressful for them. Currently, Zephyr is curled up in his bed which he has been using as a sooky blanket, and Echo has taken himself to the bed in front of the radiator. We have wine and are watching a good film. I will try to capture some good pics for you in the next few days. I am off work for the rest of the week but I still have uni work to crack on with but I am loving our dog walks. Happy days for all of us!

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