Fireworks, how they annoy me.

I found this on facebook last night; Thanks B:


The three of us fast asleep and snoring apparently. I’d like to point out that this is a preferred response to the continuous fireworks in our area. They’ve been going off for a few weeks but obviously it’s a big thing this week. I have no problem with organised displays but unfortunately we live in an area where everyone is a pyrotechnics expert. Echo isn’t bothered by fireworks outside but once he’s indoors he gets quite upset. Zeph is pretty jumpy with them and since I forgot about all the fireworks I didn’t get him out for a walk in time last night. Lesson learned. Both will be out before it’s dark.

Anyway, luckily for me, although the boys start off pacing and whimpering a little, they quickly settled down for cuddles last night. We sat like that for about 2 hours, hence I fell asleep all cuddled in! I think B was a little jealous! I don’t make a fuss over the fireworks but I think I’m just lucky that boys want cuddles rather than making a fuss themselves. A friend of mine has to give her dog valium for a few weeks to help him deal with the stress!

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