The beginning of another adventure

Don’t panic, we aren’t adding any new puppies or babies to the family before anyone thinks that. We are however, going to be moving house and much further North. B was head hunted and I’ve secured myself a senior role in a new lab, so we are heading off to Inverness! I am currently juggling all that a move implies as well as keeping the dogs happy and still studying for this bloody MSc so I apologise if once again there is a bit of time between posts. But I will let you know how we get on. The boys are good at living anywhere, although this will be Zephyrs first proper house move. Echo has already moved house before and wasn’t fussed by the drama so hopefully this goes smoothly. Zephyr has stayed in numerous hotels and kennels etc in his life already so I can’t see him being too upset as long as we are with him.

So, a move to the Highlands. We can’t wait! I think it will give us more of this elusive work life balance people keep telling me about, which means more dog time. More adventures up hills and glens and all the pictures that brings with it. I think you are all going to like the pics I should get from up the hills. The move should give the boys a bit more freedom and fun. It’s going to be ace!


I tried to tell them we’d be moving and going on an adventure…you can just see the excitement in their faces here. They’ve really gotten on board with the move.

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