The storm…it’s coming

…and I don’t just mean this Storm Ophelia, although my goodness it’s a bit scary! Luckily for us we are on he East Coast, however, B is on storm call and is in Oban (on the West) to deal with any downed trees etc. I always worry when he is on call for these things. Too many what ifs!

Well, in preparation for the storm and winter in general, we have purchased some lights. I say ‘we’, I mean B found some lights in Lidl for the dogs to help light them up in the dark. The trouble we have every winter is that with the boys being dark, they vanish in the darkness:

The white light is actually blinding, but Echo still needs off lead in the semi-darkness and therefore we need a beacon:

The problem with the lights are that they are blinding! If you want any kind of night vision, don’t get one. I am pretty sure the flashing white light may be causing some kind of brain damage. I am going to have to find a way to direct the light away from eyes. Worried I might cause an accident as the little UFO runs all over the place!


Zephy loves his red light and harness back on. He trots so happily wearing it all.

In other news, Echo has been on the spider hunt again, I couldn’t rescue it in time and it was giant!


You can clearly see it’s large and threatening size in the picture….Zeph the coward stayed at my feet where it was safer.


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