I have had a few small victories. For the first time since I have broken my finger I took both the dogs out together! It was first thing so it would be quieter and although there was a few little moments I regretted everything, we made it round and they did behave really well. Zephyr was an absolute gentleman and Echo only had a few moments of cheekiness:


Echo is giving it the crazy face in this pic. I feel he might be trying to signal me “Help me! He’s gonna eat me!!”, or something similar. It was tiring for us all concentrating for so long:


I am also really pleased with them this morning too. I was nightshift last night which is 12 hours. I have for the past 3 years of shifts always taken the boys to either B’s parent’s or to the kennels. The problem with kennels so often, it’s expensive and I have to collect the boys at 10am. The problem with going to the parents house; it’s a hassle in every way. I have to take cages (they aren’t able to just settle), food, and beds and it takes up a huge bit of my day dropping them off and picking them up the next day. Plus, it’s a hassle for B’s parents having three dogs in the house. I have on occasion taken the dogs with me in the car which is only possible if it’s not going to be too cold or too hot but I don’t think they settle very well in the car either. So, last night I left them in the hall and kitchen as they do every night at bed time. I leave the house at about 8.40 and I was back at 9am (I live 2 minutes away from the house). My reasoning (and I don’t condone leaving dogs this long on a regular basis but thankfully my nightshifts don’t follow each other), is that over night the dogs sleep in the kitchen and hallway on their own beds anyway, they sleep for about 10 hours over night on a weekend (8 usually on a weekday) and I’m certain they are happier being in their own beds in their own house. Anyway, I walked them 4 odd miles in the morning, we had a play in the afternoon and then ran about the field from half 6 to half 7 at night to tire them out. This gave me time to do housework and have a reasonable sleep as well. I was really worried that they might get agitated waiting so long but I came home to them snuggled up on their beds waiting patiently. I was thrilled and amazed! Like I said, it won’t be a regular occurrence leaving them that long but it’s good to know that I can leave them over night. As a reward we went back to the field to run wild:


Happy boys we have. I am writing this with Echo on his duvet and Zeph curled up on the sofa beside me. I feel so relieved!

They have both been very helpful lately as well. I was watched while I was making dinner, head chefs to make sure I did it right. I can’t turn in the kitchen without bumping into a dog:


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