It has been busy

Hello all, Sorry (again!) for the delay in updates again. It has been a very busy few weeks. I am still mid existential crisis (What do I do with my life!), and I have been helping B out with his business amongst other things. In order to actually spend time with the elusive fiance’ I slid my way (literally with the amount of oil on them) into a pair of chainsaw trousers and got down to business on the site of a tree felling to give B a hand. I was shown how to operate the chipper and away I went:


I think I look rather fetching! The problem with having a partner that does forestry type work is that my own garden is neglected so I drafted in some help:


I also managed to fit in a journey of a few hundred miles to help transport a very sweet Rotti boy to rescue. If we had space and Zeph was happier with dogs I would’ve brought him home myself! 20170827_145112

Good news is, he already has a new home and looks ever so happy. So job well done I think!

The dogs have had to be very patient with us both recently with everything being so busy but to make it up to them we have managed a few really good walks.

I will say, honestly, we all fell out on this walk. I was annoyed it took us so long to get out the house. I wanted to go up a proper munro, had a full walk planned, maps and all. We drive to the middle of nowhere to find the carpark packed! Typical, you drive to escape people and they’ve all had the same idea. So instead of doing a round trip of 5 hours we walked along the opposite side of the loch (Loch Turret reservoir), B got annoyed with Echo pulling like a train. I got annoyed at B for changing our walking plans and shouting at Echo. Echo snapped at Zephyr so they fell out and then I fell out with Zeph because he nearly hauled me down a hill. Just before this next pic was taken, I literally said “I f***ing hate you guys for ruining my day”. All in all, a good day! we all made up at picnic time and we had a laugh:


Zeph decided though that the view was not worth it at picnic time and had a wee tantrum:


I promised after that trip that if I was going hill walking again I would go myself and not take any of the three of them…so two weeks later we all went for a walk up the Cairngorms! No hill walking but through the glens. I had a bad day and had a wee anxiety attack (lots on our plate at the moment) on the way up… and I can tell you that getting out and walking 13 miles was just what we all needed. I felt better. Got back to myself and we managed to relax.


It was amazingly a really warm day and such a quiet walk too for a Saturday. We only saw three other people and all in the distance so perfect peace. We even had time for a few power poses:


On the way home, and with the boys snoozing in the boot, we stopped on the road out the glens towards Braemar. 6 and a half years ago we stopped in the same place. We had only been dating a few months and took a drive together and ended up at the Lin of Dee. I tried to take a few similar pics:

And us now:

It was a great day trip and much needed. I think we all benefited from a good long walk. Plenty of snuggles followed the next day. It’s nice to be lazy sometimes too!


I hope you’ve all had a good few weeks. Coming into Autumn now. So plenty of soggy walks and sunny days to enjoy.