It should’ve been a good update

I started writing this update earlier and it was all good (but laptop crashed so didn’t work); I went on about how well the boys have behaved all week for me with B being away. They’ve been really good and I’ve been much firmer with them out on walks, i.e I said sit that means sit, and they’ve responded really well. I’ve been out walking them on my own, and Zeph even met a retriever head on by accident and we quickly turned on the spot and walked away and he did great!

Unfortunately, I’ve come home from my backshift (B is home this week), and just as I’ve sat down to have a cuppa before I head to bed, Echo was getting more and more ‘crazy’. More noise and not sitting at all still, usually he’s a bit more settled by this time of night. B told me that he’s been like that for an hour. He started tug of war with Zeph over a pillow, that was taken off him and then he lunged over the dog bed and shook it all the while growling and gave a bark and then he went to Zeph trying to hump him and then a fight broke out. Echo went for Zeph and the big guy defended himself. In a ‘usual’ little skirmish all I need to say is ‘HERE’ and they stop but this was more. B grabbed Zephyr and pulled him away and Echo took it as an opportunity to go for Zephs face, go for B and then as I grabbed him, he went for me too!! I took him to his bed (I can honestly say calmly – we are quite skilled at calm intervention these days) and as I went to close the cage he was snarling and trying to bite me every time I tried to slide the catch over. Ended up having to use a pillow against the door so I could safely fasten the door. Both are in their beds at the moment to calm down. Another 5 minutes and they can come back out and try again. Just mad all of a sudden.

Anyway, my update was originally all happy and joyful! So let’s get back to a bit of that. I came home from nightshift yesterday morning to this:


Loving the cheeky tongue from Echo. Gives you an idea of what I have to deal with. He just oozes wild. Apparently they slept outside my bedroom door while I had my sleep. It’s nice to be loved. Look at this smooshy face!


Just love cuddles from the big guy. He has been quite clingy recently, more so than normal anyway! And I am enjoying all of it.

I made it to agility last night again, feeling more confident now with my broken finger (it’s still very squint). Managed to get back to normal agility, lots of running about. B came along to catch a few pictures and a few clips:



Small dog walk, trying to get him to stop properly when I’m in front.


To make up for Zeph being stuck in the house on his own (he gets the kitchen to himself and toys), I took him for a walk by himself up my favourite hill this morning. Unfortunately there were lots of sheep with lambs! Zeph is always on lead anyway so there was no danger to the livestock. Following on from the previous post about how well he did passing the sheep, he surpassed himself today. He was trying to pull to get to them but there was no growling or singing. He was quivering with excitement but did ‘sit’ when he was told. The sheep, despite having a whole landscape to venture on, walked up the path in front of us just to spite me really. Zeph did pull and I had to really brace to keep a hold of him. The sheep finally left the path after what felt like miles, was actually less than a hundred yards, but with a rotti pulling like a freight train against you a metre feels like forever. As the sheep left the path he did stop to watch them but I made him sit to calm himself down and after a stern “Leave it” as I walked away he followed and didn’t look back which was great. So lots of fuss. We came across a few more sheep as the walk progressed but he handled those ones much calmer as they were much further away. I didn’t go up to the summit as all I could see was sheep all the way up the main climb and I decided that a broken finger was enough and I didn’t want to fly again and although Zeph did well, I thought a whole hillside of sheep was pushing it. We came across more sheep on the way back, or possibly the same sheep just back where they stared, who knows? One of the sheep was very confident and didn’t move for us to get past (was a good 3 metres away but again felt closer, nerves getting the best of me I think). I had to just keep walking, Zeph went up on his back legs but otherwise made no fuss. I don’t know if it was his way of saying “looks how big I am fluffy animal”. Anyway, we kept walking and the sheep didn’t seem to care at all so that was good. (Before anyone says, there wasn’t a safe way to go around the sheep otherwise I would’ve done it.) Anyway, the weather was lovely and Zeph did great and I feel good about it 🙂


So all in all, it has been a good week up until tonight which is crap. But one bad night out of a while week isn’t bad. It has taken me a while to write this (waiting on videos to upload). In that time, the dogs have been let back out, have had bedtime wee’s and are now sleeping in the kitchen and hall respectively with the baby gate between them. Echo has calmed down. In hindsight we should’ve made him go to bed sooner rather than let it escalate but lessons learned. All is calm and the boys are happier and no one was hurt which is the main thing, hoepfully just a silly episode and not a common thing. Tomorrow morning it’s Echo’s turn for a longer walk. Might take a walk along the coast. I will update if I do and share some pics.

Goodnight 🙂

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