Training and “Guarding”

Since being back from our holiday we have thrown ourselves back into training. We went for a walk up the woods and on the way back to the car we had to go past a field of sheep with lambs. Both dogs on leads of course. It has taken us a while but Zeph is getting calmer walking past the field:


Still a long way to go before he can walk past without us having to intervene (obviously neither dog will ever be off lead around livestock anyway), but look how calm he is, before this he used to be dancing on the end of the lead and crying and whimpering and making noise and a drama so this is a big improvement!

Echo is still bringing us the mail, as I said before, there is no way to stop him so having him bring the mail keeps us all happy. He gets a wee treat and we actually get to read our mail:


I managed a little walk with Echo through the park the other day. Trying to keep my confidence up for dog walking:


I decided to face my fear a little with the big guy and I took him outside to the garden by myself for a little obedience. I started the session with making him go out the door and sitting on the top step. I then made him ‘wait’ while I walked down the steps and I called him to me at the bottom. He bounded down a little too quick so sent him back to the top step and calmly made him walk down. First hurdle over we calmly walked to the back garden. A little hiccup as he automatically goes on ‘cat hunt’ as we go in the gate but pulled him back to sit down at the gate and ‘wait’ again. I managed to take of the lead and walk to the middle of the garden and call him to me again and at that point he lost interest in the cat hunt. He did amazingly well! Just did a short session with some ‘sit’,


‘down’ and ‘waits’ with me either walking away and coming back or as in the next few pics, walking around him while he stays int he same place:

We also had a go at some ‘leave’ and ‘stand’ and he did it all without any hesitation. I also really admire watching the Collies at agility that go to sit between their owners legs. I thought I’d have a go at teaching him something new just to keep him interested. I got him coming through my legs to sit, lie down and also walk forward a few steps with me over the top of him:

He seems to really enjoy it and he is great while he is focused. The problem I have is: if there is a distraction (i.e. dogs/cats etc) I cannot get his attention, and if I get his attention I can’t keep it if there is ‘something better’. It’s frustrating at the best of times.

Anyway, as a reward for being good boys we played fetch and had a bit of fun and of course got a few pictures:

The boys have been there usual protective selves as well. Anytime someone comes to the front door, the boys are told to come to the living room so we can shut a door between them and the front door, this is what we get:

Loving the furry boys, hopefully I’ll be healed soon and we can resume our adventures!

2 thoughts on “Training and “Guarding”

    • Thank you! That has made me smile. I like to write how I think, sometimes it’s not always in a logical order but it’s a lot more natural. Good Luck with your own blog. I find writing very therapeutic 🙂


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