A little agility – gently

I am still pretty sore, finger isn’t straight (being seen ‘urgently’ on Thursday by the orthopaedics), and I’m all swollen and bruised everywhere.


Still went to agility though! I had to borrow B to be my handler and my hands! but since we are going on holiday soon (good timing I know), it didn’t seem fair to Echo to miss so much considering how well he’s been doing. As well as being my handler for the day, B also managed to get a few pictures for me to show you. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any of Echo on the seesaw, dog walk or A frame as B was helping me out with those but a few of Echo weaving and a wee jump:

And the weave, onto 8 poles now!

When it comes to your dogs sanity, Minor injuries shouldn’t stop you(obviously depends on the injury!), I had to adapt my agility to slow down, but that’s not a bad thing. There is always a way to improvise. If you are really stuck there are plenty of good puzzle games to play, or even a well stuffed Kong can help keep your pups occupied, a local trusted dog walker can also be a god send! (Luckily for me B is home this week). I have taught my boys to play fetch in the garden and I’ll only throw it if they drop the ball at my feet, saving me from stumbling about. Zephyr actually very gently now hands me the ball.

I’ve obviously got to go back to square one on door etiquette which B is dealing with every time he takes them outside for me. I dare not take one on a lead out the door at the moment. As a compromise I’ve walked Echo; I can open the front door and let him out in the garden off lead, he’s much more responsive these days so waits for me. I then put him on lead for the short walk to the field and once he’s off lead playing fetch (a good throwing stick is worth its money) I’m safe! B is walking the big guy for me as I can’t handle him at the moment. Terrified I’m going to fall!! Otherwise, thankfully the boys are settled. It’s a rainy day here too so all tucked up until lunch time:






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