All about the injuries – don’t read if you’re squeamish!!

So today I flew. From the top step at my front door to the driveway, roughly 6 feet away. I was taking the boys out for a last wee before work when I took my maiden flight. I was untangling the leads as I opened the front door and Zeph saw that bloody cat in the driveway. Before I knew it, I was on the drive, dragged along an extra foot before he stopped. I had to pop the middle joint back in on my ring finger on the left. I was in shock and it took me a minute to find the strength to stand back up. I managed to get the boys in the house and in bed. And I drove to A&E!! I thought my finger was just dislocated and maybe I’d not managed to put it in right. It’s a bit wonky. I’m not ashamed to say I had a good greet in the reception while I waited!

The nurse helped clean me up from all the cuts and scrapes and thankfully nothing else feels broken. She agreed that it looked dislocated but sent me for x-ray to make sure. Well, in her own words, it’s a “spectacular break”:


So a nice long break from the knuckle upto the first joint. Thank god they x-ray’d it! So I have a splint on at the moment and a sling to keep it elevated. All my other joints hurt too and I feel sorry for myself now.


The boys have been good all afternoon, keeping an eye on me:


Echo has taken full advantage of injuries and the fact I’m ridiculously tired:


I joined B for a short dog walk down the hospital to get the car (not allowed to drive now so had to abandon the car) and stretch out a little. Now to eat my weight in chocolate an drink tea.



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