Playtime, Kisses, Cuddles and Help

Well, the weather has been aweful the last few days. The rain has been a constant heavy downpour, good Scottish summer as always. Despite the weather, the boys still need a walk. So off we went, waterproofs and all:


One of the few times I will walk the boys together these days. I decided the weather was so bad, there wouldn’t be enough dogs out for me to worry about. The stretch lead gives Zephy a chance to stretch his legs and breaks up the training days for him.

We also had lots of playtime in the sun when it has appeared in the last few weeks:


The boys have been getting a long a lot better these days, still sleeping separately at nights but I think it has helped them:


Lots of cuddling and sofa stealing (before the trainer laid down the law):


It has been a hectic few weeks, and I have started having a play with some wedding makeup (don’t get married until next year) but the dogs have been very helpful:


Anytime I’ve sat down to try on some makeup both of them take it as an opportunity to be very clingy. Any excuse for a cuddle!


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