My Favourite Place

I got it into my head that I wanted to see the sunset from West Lomond the other night. I was adamant we were going for a walk. The view would be spectacular. Well, some cracking thunderstorms took place. As we drove to the carpark it rained so hard I nearly had to stop the car. I could barely see a thing. Once we had parked up we thought, lets just go for it. We are here now and the dogs need a walk even if it’s a short one. A bit silly I know but by this point it was only rain and no thunder and lightening. We all had waterproofs on (except Zeph, a little too warm for his) so we braved it. The picture below does not do the weather justice:


The rain did tail off for a little bit and we managed to get a few good pictures:


Customary selfie with the big guy while I waited on B and Echo


The hill we planned on walking shrouded in fast moving cloud


A brief glimpse of the hill as the cloud cleared


The view over to East Lomond, a thunderstorm on each side

It wasn’t quite what I had planned and we didn’t venture too close to the hill. We decided to head back to the car once we saw another storm rolling in. The atmosphere was, for lack of a better word, electric. I could have stayed there for hours just watching the weather. And then the heavens opened again and the dogs wanted to go home:


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