Updates are coming

I promise I will add some stories soon. I have plenty of pictures to share. I have a few exams coming up over the next few weeks so I’m afraid you will just need to bare with me at the moment.

Thanks! xx

A Little Update as Promised

We had to change the sleeping arrangements a few weeks ago for the boys. Echo still has the hallway and has his pillow at night to snuggle and Zeph is in the kitchen. I had to put a baby gate up to split them up. They used to spend the night snuggling but everytime B went to leave the bathroom and come through to the bedroom, the boys would go for each other but bizarrely straight after they’d snuggle up and sleep like that all night. I eventually grew tired of the nonsense and I think it has something to do with the dogs guarding me so they’ve been split up. It seems to have solved the problem because when B leaves the bathroom there isn’t a peep out of them at all. I am coming to the conclusion that you can have dogs your whole life and never know what anyone of them is thinking. I’ve never met dogs like these two. Love them to bits though. During the day it’s all brotherly love so I know they do get along:


I have stuck to the routine of longer walks as much as possible and it has certainly been paying off. B has been working from home for the last four weeks so the dogs have had so much more freedom and all in all it has led to much more settled puppies:

We’ve been adventuring as well. With B being home we’ve had a few weeknights out walking in different places. I’ve been much calmer lately too. I think the combination of having B there to help and getting out to different places has really helped us all relax.

And as always we have the rescue field to play fetch in:

I am thinking of upgrading the blog account so I can add some videos of the pups playing and of our adventures. Is that something people would like? I think it would help to show their personalities, especially the big guy. He’s so gentle and I know that some of the stories on here might not make it sound like that!

Forward one, back five

I am using a new laptop (new to me anyway), and I cannot get it to connect to my phone to upload pictures. I will do some proper updates of walks etc in a little bit once I have the patience.

As I discussed in the last post. Zeph had been doing great with walking past other dogs. We went for a walk last night with Zeph, Echo and Lola, and B’s little brother S. We had a great walk, did almost 4 miles which isn’t much but it was a nice saunter enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve had. We were 10 minutes away when we had a near miss. We saw a boisterous lab up ahead so (all of ours where on lead at this point) we pulled our dogs well off to the side. The owner of the lab panicked, screamed at her dog,a bolshy boy and then hesitated for what felt like ages. Zephy is ok if it’s short and a quick pass and we continue. Well, the woman hesitated, grabbed her dog, then walked almost in line with Zeph and her dog growled at Zeph and that was it. Zeph lunged forward and I couldn’t keep my balance so he gained three feet going for the dog. It’s the first time he’s actually tried to go for a dog. The owner, rightly, got a fright and she ran off with her dog. She stopped a few hundred yards up the path and as soon as the dog was away Zeph instantly stopped his nonesense. It’s like a switch in his silly head. I saw the owner on her phone and I think she was actually calling the police!! We apologised profusely to her because despite that fact I am infuriated by her hesitation, she didn’t deserve to be on the receiving end of that. It’s the worst he’s been and I had a cry once we got home.

I’ve called in a dog trainer that we’ve used before for Echo. She’s a lovely woman, uses common sense and positive reinforcement. I can’t wait to have a session with her. I want my dog back. The dog that Zephy becomes when he’s in that state isn’t my cuddly teddy bear and I am terrified he’s going to hurt someone or another dog in that state. The only word to explain his reaction is ‘hysterical’. It’s worse when he’s with me because he’s also protecting me so we need to get him out of that too. All quite disheartening really.