The beginning

So we started our walking with a 5 mile forest route at the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in Argyll. There are lots of walks there, and you could spend weeks there happily. Certain areas are more popular with tourists but if you follow the road around you find plenty of car parks to start from. We chose the Leannach car park and walked from there. It was a bit of an odd day weather wise, we had showers of rain but it was warm and sunny for parts. The boys had plenty of chances to paddle in the puddles and streams to stay cool, and we didn’t see another soul. It was bliss.


We stopped to have a little picnic at this stream under the watchful eyes of the dogs:

Don’t worry they had some of my pulled pork roll…and a few sausages I’d packed just for them. Spoiled little monkeys that they are. It was all very exhausting so we obviously had to pose for some more pictures:

By the time we made it back to the car Zephyr was thoroughly tired and had a toddleresque tandtrum in the boot:


While we were out we decided that Echo has a resemblance to a cartoon character we both grew up. I don’t know how many of you know of “The Rescuers” particularly the film “The Rescuers Down Under” which see’s some animal trapped by a poacher and his pet a Goanna named Joanna. He resembles Joanna even more so now he has his red harness:

If you haven’t watched these films you need to. Classic Disney and you might get a better understanding of Echo.  (Don’t worry, he was lifted momentarily by the harness which is designed for lifting dogs while scrambling up hills.)

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