All healed and ready to go

It has been a few weeks since Zephy had the snip. He has healed up nicely with surprisingly no scar to show for it. It did begin to look a little inflammed and sore and a quick trip to the vet later we had some antibiotics and anti-inflammatorys.

The trip to the vet in itself has a wee story. So as you all know I’ve been working on Zephs on lead reactivity to other dogs. Every day I am out and we are going for it on the positive reinforcement. Well as you can imagine a trip to the vet is quite stressful. There are lots of animals, a small space and everything there is generally injured or stressed out. B came with me to help me with the big guy, knowing he’s be sore as well I figured I could use the moral support. We made it through the waiting room with only a little bit of fuss but overall he did well, even if my heart was frantically trying to keep itself beating. In the vets room he went in all waggy tailed and lay down for the vet to have a look. I always hold my dogs head’s regardless of how friendly they are being so Zeph didn’t have a chance to turn and bite if he was sore. Without any talking or reassuring or running a hand over him the vet went straight to jab at his sore bit, remember this is where his testicles where so a sensitive bit anyway! and obviously he let out a growl and did try to turn his head. As I said, I already had a hold of him and he was lying on his side so the vet was never in any danger. I replied to his growl with “you’re alright big guy, it must be sore if he’s growling at you.” The vet had her hands up about her chest as if an alligator had just tried to eat her. I tried to calm the situation a little as I let Zeph stand back up (he was now quite happy), and said “he’ll be your friend now you’ve stopped touching him.” Her response was and I kid you not from a vet! was: ” I don’t think so, I know what those kind of dogs are like.” Ben had to shove me out of the room I very nearly lamped her myself! It still has me reeling now. I said to the girls at reception (who all love Zephy and give him biscuits) that I did not under any circumstances want to see that particular vet again. In order to counteract her I have started training Zephy to wear a muzzle. Sounds harsh but again I’m making it a positive experience for him. None of the other vets have ever had a problem with Zephyr but it appears I need to protect him from trained professionals as well! I am furious that she made me feel like I was handling a dangerous dog. I’m pretty sure I would have growled at someone if they had poked at my stitches when I had surgery. My poor boy, he’s having a sh*t time with humans at the moment and all he wants is to cuddle up.

Anyway, little rant over. As I was saying he has healed nicely and now he is 2 years old (can’t believe where the time has gone), we are trying to get back into a bit of hill walking. Nothing too over the top but something a bit more exciting than the local park. Since we plan on doing a few miles at a time we bought the dogs new harnesses which lets them walk for miles without us clinging around their necks. I think they look quite good in them:


I gave them a wee run at the rescue field to see if the new kit had plenty of freedom in it but still gave me control. The boys barely noticed they were on:

So we were ready to get going.

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