The ‘Big’ Day

I sent Zephy off yesterday to the vets for the snip. I feel guilty, he trotted in all happy to be there, he gets biscuits every time they see him and he merrily left me to walk away through the back with the lovely vet nurse.

With Zephy away at the vets, Echo had a little one to one fetch time in the rain. It was freezing cold, so waterproofs on all round.

We got Zephy back at half 2 and he cried from half 2 until 9pm when we went to work. I took him with me to work in the car so  I could check on him through the night. The boys usually go to B’s parents for a nightshift but I didn’t think it was fair on Zeph to come out of surgery and have two spaniels around or fair on his parents if he had them up through the night. So Echo went to stay at B’s parents himself so that Zeph had a chance to recover. He was all cosied up in the car with a big duvet and jacket on and he managed through the night just fine.


Not a happy bunny though to say the least. When we got back to the house this morning, we both just went straight to bed. Zephy has made himself at home at the end of the bed:


I eventually realised that even with the buster collar on, he could still reach his stitches so we tried something else…

An old pair of B’s shorts he wears as pjs. Drawstring tie on them and Zeph is now at my feet minus the blue collar and just the shorts on. He doesn’t seem phased by the clothes at all. I hope that all this clothes wearing and poking and prodding by me has prepared my dogs for if we ever have a family. They really do let me do almost anything to them!

I have been informed of a training seminar in the next few weeks, that if I can get the time from work, I’ll head along to and get some advice and tips on what to do with the big guy. I want to teach him some new tricks as well as reinforce obedience and hopefully get back to building a nice bond with him, one where he doesn’t feel the need to ‘protect’ me so much. I’ll keep you all posted as to how his behaviour may or may not change and I need to sort out my time management to get back on top of regular training. I don’t know how people with kids manage work, degrees, dog owning etc. I’m struggling just keeping these plates spinning!!


5 thoughts on “The ‘Big’ Day

  1. Awwww poor guy ~ even though I had to suppress a giggle at the shorts
    Let me know how / what training you find works on the over protecting front, Oscar is doing much better until anyone enters our ‘space’

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    • The shorts are hilarious. I can’t help but giggle and then he gives me the sad face so I feel guilty again!
      I’ll put up a post if I find anything that might be helpful. Zeph is fine as long as I’m calm, which is easier said than done. I think we feed off of each other a little too much. x

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      • Same here on feeding off each other & of course it doesn’t help that Oscar is so strong that if he gets bees in his head that insist he didn’t ought to listen to me he’s off on a tangent …darn those bees LOL


      • Haha it’s a circle of I get a bit nervous and then zeph is wondering why I’m nervous so he gets a bit nervous. And then i notice him acting a bit wierd so I get a bit more tense then Zeph might see a dog and think “that’s what mums scared of, I’ll just warn it off and let mum know that it’s ok because I’m protecting her.” And so it goes round and round. I’ve never been like this with any dog so why I decided to start now I have no idea!

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