So much to catch up on – Part 3: Retiring

After all the drama at Crufts, it made me think: Am I doing this for the dog, or myself? And the answer was obviously, for me. I’ve thought for a while now that Zeph isn’t enjoying shows but for some reason I kept going. I sat at the benches at Crufts and I really looked around me. I mean really looked. Exactly as it had been, all those years ago that I had decided I wasn’t a fan of Crufts, nothing had changed. Don’t get me wrong, there are real dog lovers there, and the majority of people with dogs there really do love them but watching everything around me I realised, this isn’t dog friendly. Despite being the biggest dog show, it’s not aimed at the dogs at all really. So many dogs sat on benches all day. And I mean all day! You aren’t supposed to leave until 4pm but since we had arrived at 6.30am, there was no way I was letting Zeph sit in a cage in a hot hall (he has a cool mat and fan with him), for that long! So I snuck Zephy and ourselves out at 10am and we proceeded to have a really nice weekend away!

Anyway, I have decided that for Zeph, Crufts was the last show for him. If he was so stressed out he was hysterical, keeping him going isn’t the right thing to do. So he has retired from showing. And I feel so good for it! He is a gorgeous dog but he is my pet and family first. Here are some recent pics of him and all his rosettes and his shield:

Little does the big bear know, he’s also getting the snip tomorrow! I think it’s best for him if we can remove a little of the rocket fuel that seems to be hidden in them! I’ll let you all know how he gets on. It’s taken a lot of discussion to come to that decision. Some people have tried to convince me otherwise but I think I might regret not doing just as much as I regret doing it! Hopefully it works for the best. Either way, we are done showing. He has done me proud. I couldn’t have asked for more from him at the shows, he’s qualified and competed at Crufts twice, placed last year in the puppy class. He has placed at every Champ show he has competed at, getting First place in Yearling at the last Champ show we were at so I really am pleased with him. I want to get back to enjoying my dog though so I think this is the right decision.

3 thoughts on “So much to catch up on – Part 3: Retiring

  1. How old is Zephy now ???
    Oscar had the snip at 6 months due to his testosterone fuelled actions and in his best interests ~ leaving him any longer would not have been the right decision has it made a difference …not sure, but I dread to think what he would be like to handle if we hadn’t. As for Zephy retiring you obviously feel it the best thing for both of you …he’s gorgeous but as you rightly said he’s your pet first & foremost …anyway it’s only right to give the other Rotties a chance LOL

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