So much to catch up on – Part 1

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t appeared to be as dog crazy as I would normally be. This MSc is dictating my every second and I am struggling to be able to keep up with anything else. At the moment, it’s a case of get up, walk dogs, work, walk dogs, uni work, sleep and repeat. Hopefully all this hard work pays off in the end though. As for the dogs, sometimes I am thankful for the distraction and other times I wish they wouldn’t be so distracting! The slobbery cuddles make it all better though. Anyway, I will try to start back from the last post. Hopefully my memory can keep up.

So since the last time, the weather has not improved much but that doesn’t stop me going out. Just this morning, I got caught out on a walk as the rain came down so hard I couldn’t actually see! A nice warm towel for the boys and a cuppa for me and it solved everything. I usually put on the dogs waterproofs for them but I wasn’t expecting the monsoon type downpour! Not that the dogs look particularly happy in their coats right enough:


“Hurry mum, before someone sees us!”

There always seems to be an added rush to walk as soon as the pups have their coats on, maybe they are embarrassed, maybe they don’t like to get wet or breakfast could be the increased motivation.


Unhappy faces. 

I don’t think they appreciated me stopping to take a picture in that weather but I thought it’s good to share even the bad walks!

Even more mud and rain, but I found another new walk. Haven’t been able to explore it properly yet, but was a good place to avoid people. Not one other person was about.


There has been a few good mornings but I’ve had to be up early to enjoy  them. Sometimes it is worth getting up with the sun.


The boys love a chance to play at the beach. I’ve had to be careful letting Zephy off the lead, he is just not listening at all at the moment. It’s a vicious circle really, I won’t let him off lead because he doesn’t listen but he probably doesn’t listen off lead because it’s not very often he gets off.  Anyway, the beach at dawn is one of the relatively safe places I have. and it really tires them out. I managed a visit twice in one week so they had a great time!



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