Pay to Play

It seems to be more common now but did you know that there are fields you can pay to let your dogs into and you get it to yourself? It seems like a silly concept because why can’t you just walk your dog in the park!? There is something nice about having an enclosed field to yourself and the dogs and they can run free though!

Anway, the Rottie rescue near us has a field that is enclosed by a 6ft deer fence and for a few pound my boys can play fetch for a whole hour if they so desire with no need to watch around me, or any need to worry about who’s coming past etc. It’s not going to be an every week thing but it is nice knowing that I can go there to let them run free. I’ve really enjoyed seeing them run about having fun.

Look those happy little faces. I don’t think either of them are really fit enough to run for  a full hour but they gave it a good try!

It’s such a quiet place to go as well, not a lot of traffic running along the road and the view is quite nice too.

A student at my work let me know about another place near Perth which sounded great. It sounded like there was a whole meadow to go walk through and again only a few pound and you got the place to yourself. My engagement ring needed a repair so we were up there anyway so stopped at this meadow. It turned out to just be a huge field but we walked around it a few times and again the pups had a great time.


There really needs to be more places like this where, if you want to let your dogs off lead, that you actually have priority for a change.

It was so nice to have the four of us together. With B working away during the week, its a rare occurrence for us all to be together. I think the boys enjoyed having the two of us.

I went back upto the FRR field this morning, currently nightshift so wanted to give them a good run. They’ve been settled for the rest of the day. Nice view again, and despite the passing storm, the weather was quite nice.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


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