Feeling Proud!

There is a golf course near our house and I don’t usually walk the boys round it as it’s so busy but being post night again, I wanted a relatively easy walk. It’s a walk that lets Echo off lead so I don’t get pulled about and it’s long enough that Zephy gets a good walk on his stretchy lead. The downfall of the walk is that it’s usually really busy with other dogs so I do get a bit apprehensive normally about going round it but I was armed with some sausages so off we went.

Well, we had a Collie pass us off lead, I asked him to sit and he sat quietly while it passed us and then walked on with no fuss. We then met a Staffy off lead, so I let Zephy have a little lead so he could say hello, and it was going ok until the owner of the Staffy had a wee panic (probably not an overly dog friendly dog like Zephy and the owner reacted just like I used to!), and went to grab his dog and caused it to have a go at Zeph. I was prepared for it tho and I just pushed myself between the two of them. The owner apologised and I told him it was ok, it was just noise (boys being boys) and neither was hurt. It felt nice to deal with that situation with no shouting. I did have to raise my voice to make Zeph snap out of protect mode, but I didn’t shout or over react and as owners we were very polite. It doesn’t sound very successful but it really was! We then had another dog pass us off lead, just a wee song from Zeph but he sat still and waited. We then past a wee Scottie dog in front of us and he watched me the whole way. And then we encountered anther two little dogs, he just sat and let them past, no fuss. We even walked past a man with two cockapoos, one of them started following us. Zeph did try and do a little dance, and altho I was annoyed at the owner for not actually coming up and getting  a hold of his dog, I stopped in the path and asked them both to sit. They did, ignored the dog and when it left we continued.

I cannot tell you how happy I am!! Come tomorrow we might have the same negative reactions again but having this walk is amazing! I just had to share this little success. Sausages and perseverance are really paying off and its making all the hard work feel worth it.


He’s my good boy 🙂

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