A snow day!

I got a nice little surprise when I opened the door at 6am this morning. It has snowed! I don’t mind the snow if I don’t have to be anywhere in particular. I am on my rest day as I was nightshift so after a snowy start I had a nice lie in!! The boys were nice and settled having spent my nightshift night at Auntie Lola’s. Anyway, when I finally arose from bed we headed off to a local Loch walk, with the initial intention being to do the full round trip which is 13miles.


Well, with it being so cold and windy we did 5 miles (2.5 out and back again) but I think that was enough in this weather. The roads have cleared up but it is still throwing down the snow. It was a nice wander though. The dogs had a great wee run.  I kept Zephy on his stretchy lead because let’s face it, with his zero recall, he isn’t safe to be off and I do understand that that makes people quite wary of him. Easier for everyone if he is attached to me! I did meet a nice man with 3 Staffies and we had a little look of understanding go between us which was nice. Echo managed to flush a few partridge and looked very pleased with himself!

I got to a stretch that was ‘safe’ for both boys to be let off lead. Its quite an open bit of ground that the path winds around so I was able to see quite far in both directions. Zeph does love a wee tumble with his brother.


I love their little tan wiggle bums as they walk along:


We are all now tucked up in the house, having had some chicken soup and toast.

I think they had fun but are now all tired out.

Happy Snow Day!


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