Someone has me well trained…

Zephy has recently gotten into the habit of occasionally not finishing his breakfast and therefore I lift the bowl and it goes on top of the food bins .Come lunch time and he likes to encourage me to give him the rest. If I’m in the kitchen he will stand and wag a tail and look at me and then at the bowl until I give him the food. If I am not in the room he gives a little, not quite a bark, but more of a ‘haarrumph’. To which I am then expected to jump up and give him food! Well after a few times I think I’ve learned my new trick quite well!! There a few occasions at night he has tried the same trick but they aren’t getting fed at 9pm no matter how much he gives me the sad face. The other night I heard a little whine, and he was told ‘No’. It then went silent and I ignored him….it was quiet for a long time and then I went through to see this:

I asked him ‘What? What do you want?”


Still no answer, just silent sulking:

20170117_210206Look at that disgusted and huffy face! He still didn’t get anymore food but see what I have to put up with! He was sent to bed and he sighed at me. Cheeky monkey.

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