Pay to Play

It seems to be more common now but did you know that there are fields you can pay to let your dogs into and you get it to yourself? It seems like a silly concept because why can’t you just walk your dog in the park!? There is something nice about having an enclosed field to yourself and the dogs and they can run free though!

Anway, the Rottie rescue near us has a field that is enclosed by a 6ft deer fence and for a few pound my boys can play fetch for a whole hour if they so desire with no need to watch around me, or any need to worry about who’s coming past etc. It’s not going to be an every week thing but it is nice knowing that I can go there to let them run free. I’ve really enjoyed seeing them run about having fun.

Look those happy little faces. I don’t think either of them are really fit enough to run for  a full hour but they gave it a good try!

It’s such a quiet place to go as well, not a lot of traffic running along the road and the view is quite nice too.

A student at my work let me know about another place near Perth which sounded great. It sounded like there was a whole meadow to go walk through and again only a few pound and you got the place to yourself. My engagement ring needed a repair so we were up there anyway so stopped at this meadow. It turned out to just be a huge field but we walked around it a few times and again the pups had a great time.


There really needs to be more places like this where, if you want to let your dogs off lead, that you actually have priority for a change.

It was so nice to have the four of us together. With B working away during the week, its a rare occurrence for us all to be together. I think the boys enjoyed having the two of us.

I went back upto the FRR field this morning, currently nightshift so wanted to give them a good run. They’ve been settled for the rest of the day. Nice view again, and despite the passing storm, the weather was quite nice.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


Feeling Proud!

There is a golf course near our house and I don’t usually walk the boys round it as it’s so busy but being post night again, I wanted a relatively easy walk. It’s a walk that lets Echo off lead so I don’t get pulled about and it’s long enough that Zephy gets a good walk on his stretchy lead. The downfall of the walk is that it’s usually really busy with other dogs so I do get a bit apprehensive normally about going round it but I was armed with some sausages so off we went.

Well, we had a Collie pass us off lead, I asked him to sit and he sat quietly while it passed us and then walked on with no fuss. We then met a Staffy off lead, so I let Zephy have a little lead so he could say hello, and it was going ok until the owner of the Staffy had a wee panic (probably not an overly dog friendly dog like Zephy and the owner reacted just like I used to!), and went to grab his dog and caused it to have a go at Zeph. I was prepared for it tho and I just pushed myself between the two of them. The owner apologised and I told him it was ok, it was just noise (boys being boys) and neither was hurt. It felt nice to deal with that situation with no shouting. I did have to raise my voice to make Zeph snap out of protect mode, but I didn’t shout or over react and as owners we were very polite. It doesn’t sound very successful but it really was! We then had another dog pass us off lead, just a wee song from Zeph but he sat still and waited. We then past a wee Scottie dog in front of us and he watched me the whole way. And then we encountered anther two little dogs, he just sat and let them past, no fuss. We even walked past a man with two cockapoos, one of them started following us. Zeph did try and do a little dance, and altho I was annoyed at the owner for not actually coming up and getting  a hold of his dog, I stopped in the path and asked them both to sit. They did, ignored the dog and when it left we continued.

I cannot tell you how happy I am!! Come tomorrow we might have the same negative reactions again but having this walk is amazing! I just had to share this little success. Sausages and perseverance are really paying off and its making all the hard work feel worth it.


He’s my good boy 🙂

A snow day!

I got a nice little surprise when I opened the door at 6am this morning. It has snowed! I don’t mind the snow if I don’t have to be anywhere in particular. I am on my rest day as I was nightshift so after a snowy start I had a nice lie in!! The boys were nice and settled having spent my nightshift night at Auntie Lola’s. Anyway, when I finally arose from bed we headed off to a local Loch walk, with the initial intention being to do the full round trip which is 13miles.


Well, with it being so cold and windy we did 5 miles (2.5 out and back again) but I think that was enough in this weather. The roads have cleared up but it is still throwing down the snow. It was a nice wander though. The dogs had a great wee run.  I kept Zephy on his stretchy lead because let’s face it, with his zero recall, he isn’t safe to be off and I do understand that that makes people quite wary of him. Easier for everyone if he is attached to me! I did meet a nice man with 3 Staffies and we had a little look of understanding go between us which was nice. Echo managed to flush a few partridge and looked very pleased with himself!

I got to a stretch that was ‘safe’ for both boys to be let off lead. Its quite an open bit of ground that the path winds around so I was able to see quite far in both directions. Zeph does love a wee tumble with his brother.


I love their little tan wiggle bums as they walk along:


We are all now tucked up in the house, having had some chicken soup and toast.

I think they had fun but are now all tired out.

Happy Snow Day!


Family pictures…

So we tried to take some nice pictures the other day and we got this…


I think Ben’s was the nicest and we weren’t even trying. I was working at the time and turned round to see this.

A few other pics for you as well, the boys are being their usual snuggly clingy selves:


A training update

I’ve been working furiously with Zeph to get a hold on his on lead dog aggression. I don’t go anywhere with him without sausages or cheese in my pocket. He is doing really well and just yesterday a black lab dog walked past us on the other side of the road and he barely even looked at the dog! Really pleased with him. Still a lot of work to do in regards to small yappy dogs (the quiet ones he is fine with!) but I think the attitude of some of the owners I have encountered is never going to help either. He is certainly better although occasionally he still has a little outburst. But all in all, perseverance and sausages are really paying off.

I just have to keep my confidence up as well. It was shaken a little the other day. Now Zephyrs recall is still appalling so he doesn’t get off lead much (a vicious circle really :/) but in the mornings I had been letting them off to play fetch. They love it! Zephyr comes back every time with the ball and he’s been really good. If I see other dogs I usually just get a hold of him until they leave and we continue the game. Never had any problems. Until the other morning. An older man and a little Shi Tzu (a bit grumpy both the dog and owner!), caught me off guard and Zeph much to my relief went bounding over like the giant puppy he is to say hello! I was really pleased (he never seems to have problems with dogs while off lead) and I shouted to the guy “He’s fine, I’m just coming.” I could see him freaking out despite the fact zeph was down on his front with his bum up and tail wagging! I had sprained my ankle the week before so couldn’t jog over. I saw the man bend down to pick up his dog. He picked up his dog!! Actually lifted him and then of course the normal reaction from any other dog is to jump up to see what the problem is! So Zeph went to jump up and the guy punched him to get him away from him. I finally run over and grab Zeph and make him lie down. I said calmly to the man “You shouldn’t have picked your dog up, he was being friendly.” And he replied with “What? Leave him on the ground to be savaged.” I was mortified. And really upset that someone would think my snuggle bear would ‘savage’ another dog!! I never used to be a crier but lately my emotions have been a bit wild so I cried. I actually cried at the guy and said “I’m sorry he jumped up at you but he isn’t dangerous”. I’m so annoyed that I apologised! I am fed up of being overly polite to everyone and being helpful and I say good morning to everyone I pass and all I am greeted with is hostility. It’s no wonder my boy doesn’t know how to behave around people, they don’t give him a chance. It has made me furious! Anyway, just means I have to keep working at Zeph. He’s a good boy, I just have to keep training him and persevere. Owning a dog should be a pleasure not a fight with the community. But I love my boy and that’s all that matters.


“What’s a savage??”


I have still being going to agility with the wee man. He is now three by the way! We are really working hard on his weave at the moment. He’s testing me to see if I will give in. He can weave, he has shown me he can weave but he’s also very rude and will batter past me rather than weave properly if he can get away with it. When he’s being naughty (which I don’t understand because at agility he is just shaking with excitement to be allowed to play!), I just calmly say ‘oopsie’ and we go back to the start and try again. I have two set ups in the garden. I have 4 poles set out as 2 by 2, so we can work on entering a weave from different angles and he seems to like the challenge and I have 6 poles set out as a channel weave at the moment.


Basically a channel weave creates a channel and all the dog has to do it run down the middle and you slowly close the channel from the end back to the start so they start to weave the poles. I have managed to close the last two poles but pole 2 and 4 are still sticking out as you can just see in the picture.


He can run at speed through it but he needs to slow down a little and concentrate. He’s getting the hang of it now, back at class on Sunday so hopefully our teacher will help us out closing the gap. I’m enjoying the challenge with him and it is really tiring him out.




Some of our coffee table have taken a bit of a battering with the dogs always running through them/under them/over them! so they are a little loose on their legs. Ben went round with his apprentices to help him while he tightened them all up.



“Can I eat it?”

Someone has me well trained…

Zephy has recently gotten into the habit of occasionally not finishing his breakfast and therefore I lift the bowl and it goes on top of the food bins .Come lunch time and he likes to encourage me to give him the rest. If I’m in the kitchen he will stand and wag a tail and look at me and then at the bowl until I give him the food. If I am not in the room he gives a little, not quite a bark, but more of a ‘haarrumph’. To which I am then expected to jump up and give him food! Well after a few times I think I’ve learned my new trick quite well!! There a few occasions at night he has tried the same trick but they aren’t getting fed at 9pm no matter how much he gives me the sad face. The other night I heard a little whine, and he was told ‘No’. It then went silent and I ignored him….it was quiet for a long time and then I went through to see this:

I asked him ‘What? What do you want?”


Still no answer, just silent sulking:

20170117_210206Look at that disgusted and huffy face! He still didn’t get anymore food but see what I have to put up with! He was sent to bed and he sighed at me. Cheeky monkey.