Even more cuddles and trouble:

So the exam went Ok I think. Will just have to see how it went when I get the results back. No point stressing now. I am now working on three more modules and trying to come up with a research proposal. Well, I have all the cuddles I need to help me get through this all.

Good to see him chilled out, it’s my only reason for not complaining! That and he’s nice and toasty (I’m always cold!).

I had to get up through the night the other week, and I didn’t close the bedroom door right on my way out…guess who took advantage?!

How could you be mad at that face? He did have to be moved back to the hall. As soon as I sat on the bed he got too excited and then Zephy joined us and it was just madness. So back to the hall they went. I’m not sure why I even entertained the idea! I think I was just missing the company. And yes that is a teddy bear in the bed beside me, it belonged to my grandma, I like to have it in bed when Ben’s away. Never too old for a cuddle!

In other news, Zephy had a little wild day, he was caught on the sofa…


“I’m playing with the ball.”

I think he has learned the look of defiance from Echo. Cheeky monkey that he is! They were both actually very naughty the other day too. Had to make them lie down to calm themselves.


You can see Echo is itching to be allowed to move. So happy to be back at agility after the holidays.


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