Walkies with Tumnus

Well, I can’t remember if I said at the time, but this time last year (ish) my friend came over with her border terrier Tumnus. He’s a wee cutie (and one of the few small doggies I have lots of time for). Well, last year he still had his manhood so was full of testosterone as was Zephy. I try to do Christmas dinner for my friends around about December so I had invited over KT, her sister and Tumnus was coming too. The boys had met before but Zeph was just coming into being a teenage boy and as soon as Tumnus walked in the house they wanted to kill each other! Poor KT had to take Tumnus back out the house and drop him off at her mum’s so we could eat dinner. Since that point, and coupled with the few dogs that have attacked Zeph, I have been avoiding taking him out with Tumnus. It was silly really, but I didn’t want my friends dog getting hurt.

Well, yesterday I decided to just go for it and take both dogs to meet my friend and Tumnus and it was amazing. They all behaved so well! I think it helped that Tumnus has been snipped now so Zeph was acting less macho and having fun.

We tried to get a picture of the three of them but trying to get them to sit still at the same time was tricky!

This is the best we could get:

img-20170109-wa0003Zephy blinked…

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