I can’t study

…and it’s not my fault…Honest! I am blaming the dogs (it’s easier than blaming myself!). I just can’t get peace at all. No matter where I go, the dogs go. Although, with Ben working away again I am loving all the cuddles. I feel so stressed out at the moment and the more stressed I am the worse I am at studying and it’s a vicious circle. Anyway, Everywhere I go, they go!

Echo is making a good scarf these days.

I can’t be alone at all…(I’m not really complaining).

Last nights cuddles where the best. Echo is a right little heater. What you can’t see from this pic is that Zeph is lying on my feet. Once Ben is away the boys go into “Protect mum” mode. I love it!

..Although Echo did steal my seat when I got up last night, he knows it was naughty:


How could you get mad at that wee face though!



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