Hope you all had a lovely time!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! A bit late I know, it has been a hectic holiday season here. I managed to get some good pics of the boys in front of the Christmas tree. I also couldn’t resist getting Zephy to stand too!

He’s looking quite good even if I say so myself! They’ve been getting spoiled as always!


I am tempted to use one of the following pictures as Christmas cards for next year. I am actually turning into more of a crazy dog lady!

I think the edited version looks quite good.

I didn’t buy the dogs pressies for Christmas (they got them early!) this year because I wanted to actually have pressies under the tree that didn’t get eaten. I actually keep Christmas a very calm affair in this house. We have our decorations up but I don’t get the dogs excited about it. That way, pressies are under the tree and they stay that way! Still spoiled rotten though. They did get a new toy snake which was destroyed in half an hour.


The big guy seemed happy about it though. They also got some nice rawhide chews from Ben’s parents…and there was a baseball hat too. It was given as a joke to B but I think Zephy looks better with it on!

I managed to get a wee cuddle with the old man as well. He’s still going and doesn’t appear to have had any more fits which is great!



Hope you all had a great time over Christmas!



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