Even more cuddles and trouble:

So the exam went Ok I think. Will just have to see how it went when I get the results back. No point stressing now. I am now working on three more modules and trying to come up with a research proposal. Well, I have all the cuddles I need to help me get through this all.

Good to see him chilled out, it’s my only reason for not complaining! That and he’s nice and toasty (I’m always cold!).

I had to get up through the night the other week, and I didn’t close the bedroom door right on my way out…guess who took advantage?!

How could you be mad at that face? He did have to be moved back to the hall. As soon as I sat on the bed he got too excited and then Zephy joined us and it was just madness. So back to the hall they went. I’m not sure why I even entertained the idea! I think I was just missing the company. And yes that is a teddy bear in the bed beside me, it belonged to my grandma, I like to have it in bed when Ben’s away. Never too old for a cuddle!

In other news, Zephy had a little wild day, he was caught on the sofa…


“I’m playing with the ball.”

I think he has learned the look of defiance from Echo. Cheeky monkey that he is! They were both actually very naughty the other day too. Had to make them lie down to calm themselves.


You can see Echo is itching to be allowed to move. So happy to be back at agility after the holidays.


Walkies with Tumnus

Well, I can’t remember if I said at the time, but this time last year (ish) my friend came over with her border terrier Tumnus. He’s a wee cutie (and one of the few small doggies I have lots of time for). Well, last year he still had his manhood so was full of testosterone as was Zephy. I try to do Christmas dinner for my friends around about December so I had invited over KT, her sister and Tumnus was coming too. The boys had met before but Zeph was just coming into being a teenage boy and as soon as Tumnus walked in the house they wanted to kill each other! Poor KT had to take Tumnus back out the house and drop him off at her mum’s so we could eat dinner. Since that point, and coupled with the few dogs that have attacked Zeph, I have been avoiding taking him out with Tumnus. It was silly really, but I didn’t want my friends dog getting hurt.

Well, yesterday I decided to just go for it and take both dogs to meet my friend and Tumnus and it was amazing. They all behaved so well! I think it helped that Tumnus has been snipped now so Zeph was acting less macho and having fun.

We tried to get a picture of the three of them but trying to get them to sit still at the same time was tricky!

This is the best we could get:

img-20170109-wa0003Zephy blinked…

I can’t study

…and it’s not my fault…Honest! I am blaming the dogs (it’s easier than blaming myself!). I just can’t get peace at all. No matter where I go, the dogs go. Although, with Ben working away again I am loving all the cuddles. I feel so stressed out at the moment and the more stressed I am the worse I am at studying and it’s a vicious circle. Anyway, Everywhere I go, they go!

Echo is making a good scarf these days.

I can’t be alone at all…(I’m not really complaining).

Last nights cuddles where the best. Echo is a right little heater. What you can’t see from this pic is that Zeph is lying on my feet. Once Ben is away the boys go into “Protect mum” mode. I love it!

..Although Echo did steal my seat when I got up last night, he knows it was naughty:


How could you get mad at that wee face though!



New Years Day

So it’s my birthday on New Years Day, and I was also night shift so had to make the best of the little bit of the day I had. We decided to go for a walk up Glen Doll with the boys;


Seconds after this picture we were caught in a blizzard so headed back into the safety of the woods behind us. The boys didn’t have their jackets on! Bad mum! Was a lovely walk though and Zephy managed to get a bit of time off the lead too.


Even managed to get a few selfies with the dogs and with Ben too!



It was a little miserable on the way back to the car but I think the doggies had fun overall:


Happy Birthday to me!

Hope you all had a lovely time!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! A bit late I know, it has been a hectic holiday season here. I managed to get some good pics of the boys in front of the Christmas tree. I also couldn’t resist getting Zephy to stand too!

He’s looking quite good even if I say so myself! They’ve been getting spoiled as always!


I am tempted to use one of the following pictures as Christmas cards for next year. I am actually turning into more of a crazy dog lady!

I think the edited version looks quite good.

I didn’t buy the dogs pressies for Christmas (they got them early!) this year because I wanted to actually have pressies under the tree that didn’t get eaten. I actually keep Christmas a very calm affair in this house. We have our decorations up but I don’t get the dogs excited about it. That way, pressies are under the tree and they stay that way! Still spoiled rotten though. They did get a new toy snake which was destroyed in half an hour.


The big guy seemed happy about it though. They also got some nice rawhide chews from Ben’s parents…and there was a baseball hat too. It was given as a joke to B but I think Zephy looks better with it on!

I managed to get a wee cuddle with the old man as well. He’s still going and doesn’t appear to have had any more fits which is great!



Hope you all had a great time over Christmas!