I had a thought…

…dangerous I know! It was a nice thought though. I was walking the boys this morning as always and they were being utter gents on the lead. Both walking sensibly and calmly. I don’t know why they were being so well behaved but my job is not to question but to enjoy. Anyway, have you ever been in a car/bus etc driving along and you see someone walking multiple dogs and they look so calm and the dogs are well behaved and it looks like some sort of dark magic is occurring? I like to think I am quite honest on this blog (unlike people on facebook who always give the impression that their lives are perfect and everything is always ok, and their dogs are angels!), so you are all aware that my dogs don’t behave most of the time. So this morning as cars were driving by me, I thought, “yes, my life is together, my dogs are walking amazingly, you drivers with dogs must be so impressed right now!”. It might seem silly but it felt good this morning! Have any of you ever felt like that? Had a little breakthrough moment and been happy there were was an audience to see it? My advice: Revel in it! You are allowed to be smug if it’s all working out for a bit. I know my lovely gentlemanly dogs will be back to their wild selves soon enough so I was loving the walk this morning. I mean only yesterday I attempted to walk to the beach with the dogs and I was pulled all over the place! I have sore arm muscles from being excitedly dragged along the walk so this morning was just wonderful.


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