Another trip to the beach

I have been really enjoying the beach for some reason. I think it’s because at this time of year I have it to myself if I time it right. I like the peace and quiet. I’m not very sociable at the best of times so I like to get away from people, and despite the fact I can talk for Scotland if I’m around people, I actually don’t like to. My job involves a lot of machines so there is a lot of background noise which you get used to but it does mean when I am home I have no radio on, no TV on (unless I’m watching something in particular) and I don’t really like being on the laptop either but it’s a necessary evil. Anyway, my point is: I am enjoying being alone and the beach is perfect for that.


Not sure if Zephy is trying to drown his brother in this one:


Good to see them so happy 🙂

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