A holiday!

Believe it or not, Ben and I have never been on a holiday that hasn’t been with other people/family. We have been together for 6 years and never been away just the two of us (and the dogs of course). So, we went on holiday! We are just back from spending the week away in Mull. Following my last post, we like to be alone, and Mull in December is as quiet as it is going to get! We rented a cute little 3 bed cottage right on Calgary Bay. It says it can sleep 6 but honestly it was just perfect for the two of us and the boys. We didn’t use the top floor at all. Absolutley loved it, and the boys were tired all the time. We had plenty of beach walks, forest walks and the garden was enclosed (which is a big treat for us all) so the boys had free run all week. It was so amazing. I’m basically just using this post to share some holiday snaps with you all.

Side story for interest and stress relief: The day before we went on holiday, a lovely woman reversed her car into the side of mine! So although my holiday was great, it was not quite as stress free as I had hoped. My passenger door doesn’t shut properly, therefore my car leaked in the rain. Had to do a bit of DIY to get through the week (courtesy cars don’t allow dogs!). In for repairs on Wednesday so it will hopefully be back in time for Christmas.

Anyway, back to the holiday snaps. There was a lot of beach fun. The water at Calgary is so clear and quite shallow. If it had been warmer I would have been in with the dogs.



Early morning posing

More walkies:


All the running about was exhausting and the boys found their place in life:



Cuddles with mum


Echo falling asleep on his Dad.


Echo ignoring the “no dogs on the furniture” rule…oops!



…And again! (no furniture was damaged in the making of this holiday!)

Echo was so tired at one point he did fall asleep with that ball in his mouth (the pic of him on the green chair).

And now for some of the scenery. We had the best fortune for good views and sunsets. I have some of these pictures on canvas already to hang in the house.


7 bottles of wine were emptied on this holiday. All in all, a good time was had. It was nice to have my boys (all 3 of them) to myself. I know that sounds selfish but sometimes I don’t want to share.

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