It was nice then it was not.

I was backshift yesterday and I’m the same again today. I managed to get the boys upto the woods yesterday thinking it would mean when Ben gets home (yay he is home this week!) he wouldn’t have to go too far. I literally park and open the car and off the boys go. It’s great. Until Zephyr disappeared. Unfortunately, he has taken a liking to trying to find deer. I don’t think he really knows what they are though. Anyway he disappeared long enough that I thought I was going to have to call Ben to tell him I’d lost the dog! Fortunately the big oaf appeared looking all pleased with himself. I don’t think he found anything, but he certainly went scouting. For being so big he can suddenly go quiet! Well he spent the rest of the walk on the lead because I couldn’t trust him to come back. But I think he enjoyed the walk. Managed to get a few pics of them in the woods:


The boys didn’t find any deer but I did:


The advantage of being tall, I can see further than the dogs!

It also amazes me how big Zephyr is now. I obviously bought Zeph knowing he was going to be a big dog (you don’t get a rotti expecting a terrier) but seeing just how much he’s grown in the space of a year is amazing! Another wee comparison photo for you:



The rain has not stopped thundering down since last night. I went out not expecting it to be quite so horrendous but I was soaked through! The rain was freezing and I didn’t have a hood on my jacket because I thought “ah I’ll be fine”. Worst mistake ever:


The three of us were shivering when we got back. I must buy new waterproofs for the boys I think! Echo likes a little towel wrapped around him when he gets in. So to warm us all up a little, I had some hot juice and made the boys some warm gravy to have on their breakfast. We are all cosied up in the house now. Echo is about to go off and get his hair cut though! It’s about time he was shaved. Happy Rain day everyone!

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