More fetch

So early morning fetch and night time fetch are essentially the same thing now. I have found another place to let the boys off that’s a little bit safer again. The school football fields only a 5 minute walk from the house. It’s not completely enclosed but there are a few more natural barriers in the way. The plus side being that it is not lit at all. And most sensible people don’t go there in the dark. I have timed it in the morning so as to not interfere with the dog walking of another walker, he walks his dog at 6 and is just leaving the field as I arrive at 25 past. It works out quite well. The boys love a chance to get off lead to play fetch and have a good run. Playing fetch is really helping Zephy’s concentration and it makes me his centre of fun when he is off lead. It doesn’t always work like that. Like humans, my dogs have complete personalities/priorities of their own and do tend to just bugger off as they please. BUT the fetch thing seems to stop that happening quite as much. I find it quite funny that I’ve never had spaniel before and I was stressing that I didn’t know what to do with one; and now I’m teaching my Rotti to be a spaniel because I know how to deal with that better than a run away Rotti!!

Anyway, I managed to get a picture in the torch light of them. I’ve been using the torch to keep an eye on the tennis balls. I think I may need to invest in one of these light up things. Picture is a little blurry but who can keep my two still when they are playing!




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