A good weekend and start to the week

So I’ve had a really good weekend with the boys (Ben as well). On Saturday I took Zephy to the Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland (bit of a mouthful) Championship show. We got a first in his first ever yearling class! (Yearling is for dogs over 12 months and upto 24 months, it is common practice to keep your dog in the lowest class you can so it is better matched). Zephy is now coming upto 19 months old so he can no longer fit into the Junior class which is for dogs upto 18 months old. So going into the show I thought, maybe the dogs he’d be up against would be bigger, better etc but they were all very evenly matched. There should have been 5 dogs in the class but only three of us showed up. But still really happy we got 1st out of 3! It was a close call, in fact the dog that got third is actually the dog that got 2nd ahead of us at Crufts. So it gives you an idea of just how much of it is down to a judge’s preference. Anyway, A good start to the day.


“Give me peace woman!”

We had a lazy afternoon, with me as always avoiding my uni work (because that’s a very helpful approach), Ben took Echo for a walk in the afternoon and Zephy just snoozed, a show day is always tiring for him. With it being the 5th of November I do try to have the boys back in the house before the big fireworks go off, although luckily mine have never been too upset by them (which is a bonus since they go off almost every night in october and november!). I always take them out in the garden to play fetch just before it gets dark and I keep playing for a bit even after a few fireworks have gone off (why people set them off in daylight is beyond me). It seems to work because they are so focused on playing fetch that they don’t seem to mind the bangs.


If some of the industrial size fireworks go off Zeph does look up at the ceiling in the house, he knows they are in the sky but he just goes back to sleep. Unusually, Echo was a little bit more unsettled this year than previously. He was very snuggly. I think he felt safer getting some cuddles. . Yes those are my minion pyjamas….


“Hold me”

On Sunday which is now an agility day, Echo had great fun at class. I will need to try and entice Ben along to sit in the cold to get some pics of Echo running a short course. He is amazing! (Obviously I’m biased). He is almost at the point of being able to weave. Just have to keep practicing. It is one of the hardest things to teach a dog apparently, but he’s getting there. I then went back to bed Sunday as I was nightshift Sunday night so need to have at least a few hours sleep.

I meant to say before, I was always feeling guilty about how much time my dogs spend in their cages. That’s really down to Echo being the type of dog he is. If he is bored he will eat things. Well, I counted the hours one day, including time over night and with me being at work on dayshift, it was a horrible amount of time. I felt aweful. So, as of last week, the boys no longer go into their cages at night. They now sleep in the kitchen, hall, outside our bedroom. It has been great! I put their beds down at night and I don’t make any fuss. I just decided one night that they would sleep there and that was that. They seem so much happier now as well, and really settled. I think it’s been good for the two of them. If I get up in the night, I’ve stumbled upon them snuggling up together to sleep. It is so sweet! Still not ready to leave them out while I’m at work/out etc. But I have halved the amount of time spent couped up for them. Once we have our own house, I hope to get rid of the cages completely. If Echo was more trustworthy we wouldn’t have had them at all. The only advantage to them being used to cages is for shows, where it is safer for them. But yay, Victory!

After such a long weekend, and yesterday doing as little as possible. I only left the house to walk the boys which was nearly a disaster. While out, I walked through one of the housing estates and a little white terrier made a break from its house straight for the boys and went right for them. It was so aggressive! Mine were obviously on leads but I was trying to keep Zephs head up away from the little bugger, and allow Echo enough lead to move away. I managed to get a foot on the little white dog and gave it a little kick. Not too hard, because I didn’t want any of them hurt. But it was better me giving it a kick than Zeph getting his teeth round him. The owner of the wee dog came running out after it. And (I’ll be honest I was very judgemental in my head, looked a bit of a scruffy type, thought oh no here we go) the owner was actually very apologetic. They had been trying to leave the house and the wee thing had snuck out the door. He managed to grab hold of it and apologised again. I feel bad having thought the worst! But I’ve not had a good experience with dog owners in the area.

Well after all that excitement over the last few days, good and bad, this morning I woke up and thought “Do I really have to walk them again!”. I know that’s bad, but it is tiring! I decided to be lazy and drove the two of them down to the beach where I can just open the car and set them free! Was lovely, we played fetch and now they are at my feet while I type this and then I promise I will get on with this essay I’m writing….


2 thoughts on “A good weekend and start to the week

  1. Thanks! And of course I didn’t read that comment while working….had a break and went to have lunch with a friend of mine. Just in from walking the boys. My aim is to finish this essay tonight after tea! We’ll see!


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