Lazy Saturday

We had a very lazy day yesterday following on from our walk. I managed to actually get some uni work done and the boys settled down to snooze. They looked so comfy. Echo has now decided the old duvet on top of Zephs cage is now his bed:


Zeph was sleeping until he heard the neighbours dogs barking so he was look out for a short while:


But all in all they were very good yesterday and at one point all four of us where in this tiny office room. Three of them were asleep and I got peace and quiet!


“My bed, My bone.”

I am hoping this chilled out state is going to become habit. In fact, as I write now, they are both contentedly sleeping on the floor at the office door. They are guarding me until Ben comes in with the food shop.

We had tea at my mum and dad’s last night. We had a good catch up and wedding chat (we are being overly organised. Didn’t realise how much I will eventually need to think about!). The only odd thing about the whole night was there was no barking. Now don’t worry for those of you who have read the posts about Elmo, he is fine! He was still there…but not a peep out of him. We are all in shock over it. He saw us come in and just lay back down. It was amazing. My parents are thrilled. I was happy not to have him all stressed out and barking but he is 11, and for 9 years he has barked at everyone and everything that has come into the house. To suddenly not do it, is quite unsettling! I think he’s maybe feeling his age a little. I gave him a good scratch and he was loving it, even got a wee smile out of him while I was doing it. I was left with a handful of white hair but he seemed quite happy.


Getting older now, my poor wee man x

I will keep you all posted about the old man’s health. He’s currently fine though, just plodding along at his own wee pace. He doesn’t go for walks anymore, but is still enjoying going for a ride in the Land Rover.

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