Saturday morning

The first weekend in a long time where we don’t have any work or other stressful plans. I really enjoy a long walk with B and the dogs in the morning:


Not as early a start I would have in the summer but it’s now too dark to be out at 6am. So we held off until about half 7/8. Surprising amount of people out at first light but Zeph was off lead and behaved really well. The sunrise was just gorgeous:


We had a good game of fetch and after running away from Zeph realised that if I ever commit a crime and there’s police dogs involved, I’d be better to just give up. No chance of out running either!


“Just throw the ball slow coach”

Tried to get a few pics of the boys jumping one of the ditches which is one of their favourite things to do, they were just too quick for me:

All in all, a lovely morning:


I love this picture. Happy weekend everyone xx

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