I am having to work really hard at the moment to get all the work I need done finished. I am struggling to concentrate, hence I am writing this rather than working on some coursework. I am currently (like almost everybody) dealing with multiple things all at once:I am wedding planning, doing my MSc, mostly living alone with the dogs, doing shifts at work, and being,what I think is a good housewife!! Anyway, following my last post about anxiety etc I have realised that I need to look after me more. That doesn’t mean I have stopped doing all of the above. Not even slightly. But I have decided that for the moment, I am not worrying about the wedding. As long as the registrar and Ben turn up I will be thrilled! I have stopped stressing about work as much, If I can’t control it, no point worrying about it. Ben can’t help that he’s away so I am trying not to get too upset at him for it.

Anyway, Concentrating! I have been trying really hard to persevere on Zephy and his behaviour outdoors. He generally saunters along quite nicely but he can go from chilled out to ridiculous mess in seconds. Either because (usually a little dog) a dog starts barking at him or at the moment he’s taken a disliking to lorries. Anyway, I’m working on praising him when he’s being good and rewarding the nice walking. It has resulted in both Zephy and Echo concentrating much more.On their good days anway,


You have sausages?

Zephy is getting much better at his recall although it is still shocking! I have discovered that he loves fetch so much that he will keep bringing the ball back straight to my hand. So, as long as we are playing fetch, I have a returning dog! It has made our walks so enjoyable (and made going to that bloody dog park obsolete).

Not only have the dogs been concentrating but all the walks and training and playing of fetch has made them much more tired and settled. So, when it’s my turn to concentrate on my work and I actually do it, I have two very settled dogs (who are currently both glued to the TV as there is a nature program on).


Get back to work mum

Echo has also decided that the spare dog beds on the top of Zephy’s cage make a great bed. It gives him a space away from the bear:


I’ve been getting lots of cuddles from the boys too. I have obviously had days where I have been feeling a bit rubbish so the pups have been very snuggly:


It’s ok mum, I love you!

And,in other news, Zephyr continues to grow…When will he ever stop!


Little brother is not so little anymore!

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