To the Beach and to the Hills

I’ve done a lot of walking recently. Further to the last post, here are the beach pics:


I am finding it so calming in the mornings to go to the beach. No one else is ab0ut which means Zeph has freedom. He loves having a paddle. It is so nice to have a stress free walk. I love seeing them so happy. It makes me feel better.


I was nightshift the other night so as I’ve mentioned before I like to take the boys for a long walk to really tire them out. I love West Lomond for a good walk, it is really saatisfying. It’s the first time I’ve actually gone to the top with Zephyr and I think he really enjoyed it:


The ominous hill 🙂


At the top, It was very windy.


The view from the top on one side. That’s East Lomond in the distance.

I can tell you I have been needing these walks lately. We have a holiday in December to look forward to as well which I think will be good for all of us.

4 thoughts on “To the Beach and to the Hills

    • They love a good run about. The early morning or late night are my favourite times to be out. There is something about the atmosphere that I love. I’d llike to say as well that I don’t edit any of my pictures (I don’t know how!) so all the pics are exactly what I’m seeing 🙂

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