A Sunday Stroll

Further to my last post, Echo has been walking so well on his harness that I bought one for Zephy as well. They are both so happy trotting along nicely in them. They can still pull a little but the it takes all the shock out of it and Zephy can’t put all his body weight into it which is nice.

We trialled them both out on harnesses on a walk last night. We went to Burleigh Sands which is a gorgeous spot to start from:


Unfortunately, it is a very popular area so plenty of people, dogs and bikes to contend with and as of Septemeber the geese are in to nest so no off lead dog walks here for my two. However, in a sense, all of the above is also a great opportunity. It meant that both had to settle on lead to walk (which they did), they met plenty of people and other dogs and we stopped a few times to let bikes pass. I noticed a great difference in Zephy already, not having the halti on. He only barked at one wee dog (which was standing assertively at him) and other than that, he waitied patiently for the bikes to pass, he ignored most of the people and gave the other dogs a wee sniff and walked on. I don’t know if it was purely down to the change from halti to harness, or it could be that I was certainly very chilled out last night as well but Zeph was a total start. He didn’t even ‘react’ when a whole flock of geese flew over head coming into land:


Ben and I have been trying to make time for us as the weekend to do a long walk together with the boys. Life is always so busy, it’s always: “right, i’ll walk the dogs, you go do X and then we’ll do Y”. I for one am fed up of it. I have lost interest in the daily tasks of the day. I am fed up of TV, of facebook (I have gotten rid of it off my phone, it’s just rubbish all day) and the constant need to know everything about everything and if you know nothing then google. Don’t get me wrong, I like to keep in touch with friends and family, I am enjoying this blog as it gives me something to concentrate on and gives me an outlet for my crazy dog lady personality. I do read the news but I don’t need it broadcast at me all the time. I am already feeling much freer now I’m not on my phone all the time! I think people have lost the balance of technology and life. It definitely has it’s uses but I need it to stop dictating to me what I do next.

I love walking my dogs and last night was just absolute bliss. I was chilled out, Ben was happy and the dogs were thrilled to be out. To me, it was just perfect. It is honestly the first time in a while I have really just enjoyed being out. It is nights like last night that I will always remember, not what I watched on TV this week.


Isn’t it just beautiful 🙂


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