Victory is mine! (for the moment)

I don’t know where you all are but the weather here is aweful. We have gale force winds and rain. I still took the boys for a long walk though. It must get boring being in the house while I’m at work.

I have been getting pulled around constantly by the boys lately. I don’t know what has gotten into them but they have been so naughty on their walks the last week or two. It is exhausting! Zephy’s halti broke the other day so I got a taste this morning of the two of them pulling. We completed a walk in record time since I was being propelled along by the two of them. I can usually hold Echo back but the full 7 and a bit stone of Zephy was just too much for me!

Tonight I bought another halti and  a ‘no pull harness’, it’s similar to the Lupi harness but it’s padded for comfort. Well, it’s a miracle! We had a very pleasant meandre down to the park, I let them off lead on the beach and then we sauntered back up to the house. A good hour walk and my hands are in one piece, my knees (which are wrecked) didn’t hurt and all three of us enjoyed the walk. It was lovely. I actually felt comfortable letting them have longer leads while walking so all in all it was nicer for everyone.

I managed to get to the beach just before the rain started. Got a few pics of the view:


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