Always on the move:

We’ve found a few more new places to walk that the boys can get off lead. They’ve been running riot and having a great time. We’ve also had a lot of beach time too. All in all, the boys are having a good life! Managed to get some good pics too:


I do love the peace and quiet you get on a secluded walk. No having to catch the dogs every two minutes. Or avoiding people with ‘yappy’ dogs which Zeph has taken a disliking too (Can’t say I blame him!). I have been very unsociable at the moment and the dogs are enabling me! They don’t seem to mind the ‘lonely’ walk,

or the fact it was raining while we were on the beach! They do love to stop for photos too:


My lovely little poser πŸ™‚ xx

I have even managed to fit in some training. Lots of sit and stays etc, I’m trying to encourage Zephy to ignore other dogs and children. In our neighbourhood there is unfortunately lots of both! The game of fetch seems to be a great distraction for him. He seems to love it! So, as a reward for walking away from something like people and dogs (we are still in the dog park so there is always a barrier between us and them) he gets a big fuss and we play fetch. It’s been working to a degree too, but, he has unfortunately discovered rabbits which has taken our training back a step but I’m persevering (with the darker mornings the bunnies have been out!).

With all the training, agility, long walks and the forever threat of the neighbours cat attacking us all(!):


“We’ll get him one day!”

it leads to two relatively settled boys (I won’t lie thought they have their moments!):


Happy days πŸ™‚

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