A wee show day

So I went to a wee open show, just me and Zephyr. It was a chance for a friend of mine to have a practice showing him in preparation for a Champ show the following week. I thought I’d see if he would move “faster” with someone else. I have come to the conclusion that he runs in the ring as fast as he is gonna move regardless of who’s on the end of the lead and I’m ok with that! (He got a 2nd in Junior at the Champ show btw, super pleased! It was a big ish class.)

Anyway, It was a lovely day and we were next to the beach. I thought despite Zephy being at a show and having to be a ‘show dog’ doesn’t mean he can’t play and have fun. We were done in the ring and he behaved so well he deserved a treat. I took off my shoes and pulled up my trouser legs and the pair of us had a run up and down the beach in the water. I forgot how good it is to just let go and run about. It was very liberating! And Zephy had fun bambi bouncing in the water.



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