Echo has the all clear.

Sorry I haven’t updated this sooner.

Echo had his final appointment at the vet the other week following his surgery. He had his stitches out and everything has healed up really nicely. The lump shouldn’t come back as it was a fatty mass and not tissue but he may get other similar lumps elsewhere on his body. I check him over now and then just to make sure there’s nothing growing where it shouldn’t be. I think he’s happy to get his t-shirt off;


Echo has recently had a hair cut as well so you can’t actually tell he’s had surgery at all now. We get back to agility next week weather permitting. I’ve been trying to get in some more practicing in between the rain but I’ve not done anywhere near as much as I should have. Time will tell!

Zephy is glad to be able to cuddle up with his big brother again, I think they are both enjoying it to be honest:



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