Another update.

The last week has been a bit of a rollercoaster again. Echo has had to go in a few times to have his wound drained as the swelling was getting too big:


You can see that the swelling is huge! He’s had to have it drained a couple of times now. Luckily no infection is in there and it’s down to the fact that he won’t sit still! Every time he runs about he causes more swelling. Well, I can tell you, it’s damn near impossible to keep a spaniel calm and still without tying them down! The vet decided that perhaps we needed to try calming him with some drugs. We tried some Diazepam….he got a full dose. Aaaaaannnd we got this:


So, We’ve moved onto ACP, which is a tranquiliser. And he has calmed a little bit. He isn’t as stressed out and anxious as he was, which in turn has calmed Zephy down (he was getting upset at Echo pacing all the time). He’s still wild but slightly less likely to hurt himself. He’s been enjoying some cuddles with his brother:



3 thoughts on “Another update.

  1. Thank goodness there is no infection, lets hope keeping Echo still for longer will reap benefits.
    PS The look on Zephy’s face at being caught on camera cuddling his brother is mega 🙂

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