Walkies and training mornings.

I am sticking to the early morning walks/training sessions. This picture should give you a good idea as to what the boys think of this new regime. I’ve found a rugby field that is usually empty at 6am(!) and it’s a chance for Zephy to get off lead and have a good run. I am trying to encourage his recall by playing fetch. He is doing a great job but we will need to start adding in distractions soon enough to really push him.


The good thing about all the rain we’ve had recently, is that the ‘wild’ parts of the local parks have really had a chance to grow unhindered. It has created another walk that I can take the boys and once again, Zephy can get off lead. (P.S got a new phone with a much better camera…so many pictures to come!)

Look how happy they both are!! Love it when they have a good play in the grass. All this running about is very tiring work I have to say.


Just so much effort…

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